Why it’s Not Called a Chicken Pot Cake

Would you rather have a dry ass piece of chalkboard-tasting cake or a moist, succulent and deliciously handcrafted pie? For most culinary experts, this is an easy decision, but, for some reason, cake remains a serious contender for best baked good. In my 20 years of experience in eating desserts, I have never found anythingContinue reading “Why it’s Not Called a Chicken Pot Cake”

Religion as a Relationship, Not as a Means

I have noticed that oftentimes people tend to use very specific language when discussing their religion or faith. Many refer, foremost, to their specific tradition of their faith, and not to the purpose of faith itself. In fact, I daresay that in many instances one could discuss religion with a believer and never hear theContinue reading “Religion as a Relationship, Not as a Means”

Remembering the Significance of Kids’ Books

“Wonder.” “Because of Winn-Dixie.” “Harry Potter.” “Walk Two Moons.” “Charlotte’s Web.” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” These titles might sound familiar to you from when you were a kid. You probably read these in third or sixth grade. All the books have creased covers and all the pages are folded over from so many youngContinue reading “Remembering the Significance of Kids’ Books”

Free and Open Conversations are Good

   Let’s face it, there are a lot of problems in modern society: from inflation, climate change, abortion, to the ever increasing cost of healthcare, housing and college to a dozen other issues that I could fill the entire paper just talking about. We want to solve these issues (well most of them); however,  we disagreeContinue reading “Free and Open Conversations are Good”

It’s Time to Work on Your FASFA Again!

Although this academic year seems to have just begun, it is not too early to start thinking about financial aid for the 2023-2024 school year. Financial aid is any funding offered to eligible students to assist in covering the cost of attending college. This aid can come in different forms, including grants, scholarships, work-study jobsContinue reading “It’s Time to Work on Your FASFA Again!”

The Dining Hall and its Staff Deserve Better

I love food. I love to eat what is made for me, but I also enjoy preparing filling meals to fuel my training (without breaking the budget!) and making a tasty dish for my friends. Though I enjoy preparing meals on occasion, I appreciate that I am able to go to campus dining for theContinue reading The Dining Hall and its Staff Deserve Better

Delirious Thoughts on the Changing Seasons

It’s freshly fall, officially as of a week or so ago, marked in sound by the brief abundance of the deservedly beloved Earth, Wind & Fire tune “September.” It doesn’t quite look autumnal yet, but the cold has come out with a vengeance that is, at the very least, uncharacteristic for this sort of weatherContinue reading “Delirious Thoughts on the Changing Seasons”