Viewpoint: The Critical Commonness of Concavity

How do you eat soup? How do you drink water? How do you stir the sugar into your coffee? The answer to all of these questions is concavity. When most people hear that word they don’t even know what it means. For context, a concave object is one that has an inward curvature. Some commonContinue reading “Viewpoint: The Critical Commonness of Concavity”

Viewpoints from the Editors

Not All Bagels are Created Equal Wootown bagels making an appearance at Boo Bears has changed my life for the better. However, there is a serious problem regarding the cross-contamination of sweet and savory flavors. Every Tuesday and Thursday, when my schedule is packed from hour to hour, I take a short break to grabContinue reading “Viewpoints from the Editors”

Don’t Bury or Burn Me, Plant Me

New York state became the most recent state to legalize human composting. This legislation is rare in a state so founded on tradition and steeped in religion. Some groups have pushed back against this, saying it is disrespectful to the body. However, I find it to be perfectly natural! Why shouldn’t humans be able toContinue reading “Don’t Bury or Burn Me, Plant Me”

A Tale of Two Committees

One of journalism’s greatest attributes is its ability to be a comparative craft. In investigative reporting, I always enjoyed the opportunity to compare institutional documents that focused on the same moment in time. It is often through discrepancies between documents where the truth slowly emerges in the journalistic pursuit.  In this spirit, I want toContinue reading “A Tale of Two Committees”

My Thoughts on “House of the Dragon”: It is a Den of Disappointment

Content Warning: The following viewpoint makes mention of sexual assault and violence against women Judith Topham, Contributing Writer Like many people, I tuned in every Sunday to watch “House of the Dragon” this fall. I was excited and apprehensive about returning to the world of Westeros after the disastrous end to “Game of Thrones.” However,Continue reading “My Thoughts on “House of the Dragon”: It is a Den of Disappointment”

The Morals and Ethics of Keeping a Mummy

Izzie Corley, Contributing Writer The College of Wooster owns a mummy. We own a dead body as property. I was ruminating on this fact, and especially whether I thought this fact was okay, when I attended the lecture on the background of our mummy ownership, and saw her on display myself.  Using human remains asContinue reading “The Morals and Ethics of Keeping a Mummy”

Try Something New: The Great Vodka Red Bull

Everytime my best friend and I walk into our local Irish pub, we are greeted with cries of “Vodka Red Bull!” It’s unclear whether they know our names, or simply know us by our signature drink that we order one, two, three, four times a night. Amongst the crowd in the downtown where I’m from,Continue reading “Try Something New: The Great Vodka Red Bull”

To Anyone Needing the Reminder: You Are Not Your Friend’s Keeper

There is something so special about friendships. About the intimacy of platonic love. And the extension of someone’s being into your own, into who you are, what you believe in and even the choices that define you. Then there is something so tragic about imagining the loss of all of that. About the fear ofContinue reading To Anyone Needing the Reminder: You Are Not Your Friend’s Keeper