Moving Forward with Uncertainty

Colin Tobin, Managing Editor Especially during my first two years in Wooster, there were a lot of moments of self-doubt where I would question whether I made the right choice by not going to a college closer to home, and constantly thought about going back. Was Wooster the right choice? Living alone in a blandContinue reading “Moving Forward with Uncertainty”

Viewpoint: Journalism is Not for Everyone!

Kaylee Liu, News Editor I haven’t learned much from working at The Voice for three years, but if I’ve learned anything, it’s that journalism isn’t for me. I guess I’ve also learned that punctuality isn’t an elementary skill for most people, and that, even worse, grammar belongs in the stratospheric realm of tertiary education. IContinue reading “Viewpoint: Journalism is Not for Everyone!”

A Final Viewpoint Simply on the Art of Trying

Geoffrey Allen, Viewpoints Editor I have written so many articles for this student-run publication, and yet I feel like there’s not much to say any more for this final Viewpoint. It’s all become bittersweet. I have been so angry with life and anxious about graduation all year long that I have forgotten how much timeContinue reading “A Final Viewpoint Simply on the Art of Trying”

Viewpoint: It’s Been Real, Sports

Langston Hood, Senior Sports Writer It is with immense remorse and sadness that I press these keys in service of the noble Wooster Voice for the last time today. Covering sports for this newspaper has been one of my favorite parts of attending Wooster over the last four years. My love for sports has alsoContinue reading “Viewpoint: It’s Been Real, Sports”

Viewpoint: How Deleting Instagram Can Change Your Life

As a young person struggling with my mental health, the internet has opened my eyes to the realm of self-help, whether it be self-soothing affirmations, self-care ideas or journaling prompts for self-discovery. While there is a sort of ridiculousness to a lot of self-help culture, I have been able to navigate this and find nuggetsContinue reading “Viewpoint: How Deleting Instagram Can Change Your Life”

Viewpoint: Better Understanding the C-Store

The C-store has always been a student’s crutch. I remember it was in the old Lowry building on the first floor with a room so small and compact, you might think you’re in an urban bodega. And like a real convenience store, it had all the basic hygiene products, snacks, drinks and an array ofContinue reading “Viewpoint: Better Understanding the C-Store”

Viewpoint: Wellness Cannot Wait this One Out

On February 24, 2023, The Voice published a news article highlighting pushback from the Wooster community against the inclusion of the Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County (PCC), a Crisis Care Pregnancy Center (CCPC), on Wellness resources. This article highlighted the ongoing advocacy from students which prompted more alumni and current faculty to speak outContinue reading “Viewpoint: Wellness Cannot Wait this One Out”

Viewpoint: Opinion on Professors Leaving

College of Wooster, you have broken your promise. I came to this school seeking mentorship, seeking a “community of independent minds, working together,” only to be robbed of mentorship at every turn. I’m a rising senior, double major and have taken courses outside my majors. With this multidisciplinary education provided, the most striking trend liesContinue reading “Viewpoint: Opinion on Professors Leaving”

Prioritize Campus and Community Interactions

If you have ever been the president of a group here on campus, you know that while there are fun things about the job, it comes with many responsibilities with varying levels of importance. For COWBelles a capella, our most important event is the OneEighty benefit concert. Since 2017, the group has worked to putContinue reading “Prioritize Campus and Community Interactions”