Moving Forward with Uncertainty

Colin Tobin, Managing Editor Especially during my first two years in Wooster, there were a lot of moments of self-doubt where I would question whether I made the right choice by not going to a college closer to home, and constantly thought about going back. Was Wooster the right choice? Living alone in a blandContinue reading “Moving Forward with Uncertainty”

Viewpoint: It’s Been Real, Sports

Langston Hood, Senior Sports Writer It is with immense remorse and sadness that I press these keys in service of the noble Wooster Voice for the last time today. Covering sports for this newspaper has been one of my favorite parts of attending Wooster over the last four years. My love for sports has alsoContinue reading “Viewpoint: It’s Been Real, Sports”

Player POV: Women’s Lax Opens Season against JCU

Molly Kershner, Contributing Writer Anxiety about home games can be genuine for athletes, coaches and spectators alike, especially leading up to  a season opener. The pressure to perform in front of your home crowd can be overwhelming for athletes, and the fear of succumbing to the stress is very real. Everyone has expectations for themselves,Continue reading “Player POV: Women’s Lax Opens Season against JCU”

It’s Still Not CheatGPT

Jessica Israel ’24, Lina Boughton ’25 and Minh Phan ’24 Technology continues to break barriers, and ChatGPT is the new technological showstopper! ChatGPT uses natural language processing to emulate human speech in response to prompts. It has a variety of features, from generating stories to brainstorming ideas and answering questions. While ChatGPT is known byContinue reading “It’s Still Not CheatGPT”

Viewpoint: The New Big Calculator

In the past months, ChatGPT  gathered  headlines for its ability to, if not write the truth, present its version of it to the point that NYC schools banned it. We have little precedent for this, but we have seen how mathematics adapts to technology like calculators and computer algebra systems (CAS). While many argue thatContinue reading “Viewpoint: The New Big Calculator”

The Morals and Ethics of Keeping a Mummy

Izzie Corley, Contributing Writer The College of Wooster owns a mummy. We own a dead body as property. I was ruminating on this fact, and especially whether I thought this fact was okay, when I attended the lecture on the background of our mummy ownership, and saw her on display myself.  Using human remains asContinue reading “The Morals and Ethics of Keeping a Mummy”

Wooster Adoptee Student Union holds First Meeting

Samuel Boudreau, Editor in Chief Growing up in the predominantly white farming community of Meadville, Pa., Maud Bulman ’23, an adoptee born in China, was identified by many as a person with one identity. “Growing up, I lived in a very white, rural community,” said Bulman, “so I was always labeled as a ‘Chinese-girl’ forContinue reading “Wooster Adoptee Student Union holds First Meeting”

Students raise issues at Board of Trustees meeting

On Thursday, Oct. 19, students met with representatives from the College Board of Trustees’ “Missions and Outcomes” Committee to discuss a wide range of issues across campus. “We really have a unique opportunity as College of Wooster students  to speak with the Board of Trustees,” said Noah Golovan ’23, President of Scot Council. “The roleContinue reading “Students raise issues at Board of Trustees meeting”

Students protest overturning of Roe v. Wade

Kaylee Liu, News Editor; Holly Shaum, Staff Writer Last Saturday, students held a Bans Off Our Bodies demonstration, protesting the overturning of Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022. The demonstration marked the three-month anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule the constitutional right to abortion and to eliminate federal standards protecting abortion access.Continue reading “Students protest overturning of Roe v. Wade”

Delirious Thoughts on the Changing Seasons

It’s freshly fall, officially as of a week or so ago, marked in sound by the brief abundance of the deservedly beloved Earth, Wind & Fire tune “September.” It doesn’t quite look autumnal yet, but the cold has come out with a vengeance that is, at the very least, uncharacteristic for this sort of weatherContinue reading “Delirious Thoughts on the Changing Seasons”