I.S. Spotlight: Katiasofia Gonzales

“Stressed Out and Struggling to Concentrate: The Relationship Between Cortisol Reactivity and Cognitive Control in College Students” My name is Katiasofia Gonzales, and I am a senior Cognitive Neuroscience major. For my I.S., I decided to focus my research on the relationship between stress and cognition in my project, “Stressed Out and Struggling to Concentrate:Continue reading “I.S. Spotlight: Katiasofia Gonzales”

Native Plants in Northeast Ohio: A Springtime Guide

Caroline Ward, S&E Editor As the days lengthen and the winter snows melt, the soil of Wooster, Ohio begins to warm, stimulating the growth of a number of indigenous plants and wildflowers. Take a walk around town and you may begin to notice the soft green shoots and pastels of budding flowers signaling springtime inContinue reading “Native Plants in Northeast Ohio: A Springtime Guide”

Five Fascinating Plants of the World

Zoë Jurkowski, S&E Editor With the sporadically warm and rainy weather that is Ohio spring, many beautiful blossoms and budding leaves can be spotted on campus grounds. As recent groundwork has left the oh-so familiar scent of mulch in the air, we can expect to see only more sprouting plants and flowers in the remainingContinue reading “Five Fascinating Plants of the World”

I.S. Spotlight: Brendan Ortiz

“Alternative Methods to Understanding: Promoting Community Food Sovereignty through Value-Driven Education” My name is Brendan Ortiz, and I will be graduating this year with a degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Food systems.  I am part of the Environmental Justice Coalition, and I also work in Student Engagement and at the UGContinue reading “I.S. Spotlight: Brendan Ortiz”

Recycling at The College of Wooster: A Two-Student Operation

Zoë Jurkowski, S&E Editor This past weekend, I had the pleasure of interviewing two important figures in Wooster’s recycling process: Claire Brennan ‘24 and Alena Card ‘24. Brennan and Card personally facilitate the collection and decontamination of recyclable materials from both administrative and academic buildings, helping to make the College’s recycling system more efficient. Here,Continue reading “Recycling at The College of Wooster: A Two-Student Operation”

I.S. Spotlight: Ash Arons

Environmental Studies Major, Class of 2023 Ash is from Midland, MI where xey grew up hiking in the city’s forests. Xey began research with Dr. Jennifer Ison and Dr. Matthew Mariola as a pollinator garden assistant. Ash spent the next two summers on Wooster’s campus studying bees and insects. Here, xey helped build the collegeContinue reading “I.S. Spotlight: Ash Arons”

A Warm Winter: Should We Be Concerned?

Zoë Jurkowski, S&E Editor As many students may have noticed, this week’s weather has been strangely warm. With Feb. 15 reaching almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit and Feb. 23 having followed suit, Wooster has had what can be described as a spring-like February. No snow has stuck to the ground recently, and windy, rainy days seemContinue reading “A Warm Winter: Should We Be Concerned?”

Train Derailment in East Palestine Releases Carcinogens into Environment

Izzie Corley, Contributing Writer When a one-and-a-half-mile long train derailed along a stretch of railway in East Palestine, OH, on Feb. 3, at least 50 cars were derailed or damaged. However, the crash itself was not the sole concern of the nearly 5,000 residents of East Palestine. Norfolk Southern, the railroad company responsible for thisContinue reading “Train Derailment in East Palestine Releases Carcinogens into Environment”

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): What is it and How Can You Cope?

Zoë Jurkowski, S&E Editor As we approach the middle of spring semester, Wooster students must face the frequently cold and gloomy weather that is winter in Ohio. For some, it might even be your first winter. Bundling up for your 8 a.m. or trying to get enough vitamin D becomes increasingly difficult as the drearyContinue reading “Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): What is it and How Can You Cope?”

College Introduces its First Electric Vehicle to the Campus Fleet

Caroline Ward, S&E Editor Last fall, The College of Wooster introduced a novel vehicle to the campus fleet: an electric van. Although the first of its kind on the Wooster campus, this transition had been a long time coming according to Angila Tracy, COW Facilities Operations Manager. Tracy is in charge of updating and replacingContinue reading “College Introduces its First Electric Vehicle to the Campus Fleet”