Students Share Thoughts on Late-Night Dining

Gianna Hayes, News Editor Mom’s Late Night has long been a staple for hungry students pulling all-nighters or staying out to catch up with friends. Since renovating the Student Center, Campus Dining has made various upgrades, notably with Mom’s Late Night. But have these really been upgrades? The Voice fielded a survey to gauge theContinue reading “Students Share Thoughts on Late-Night Dining”

Incoming President Sits Down With The Voice

Lark Pinney, Editor-in-Chief Samuel Boudreau, Editor-in-Chief Kaylee Liu, News Editor Gianna Hayes, News Editor This article has been edited and condensed for clarity. Lark Pinney: What have you enjoyed most about your time here so far today? Has there been anything surprising for you? President-Elect McCall: What I’ve enjoyed most is meeting people. I metContinue reading “Incoming President Sits Down With The Voice”

Incoming President Answers Questions from Community

Kaylee Liu, News Editor After the 12th President Sarah Bolton left the College, Wooster has been searching for a new president to take over responsibilities from Interim President Wayne Webster. While searching for a new president, the College prioritized finding someone who would preserve Wooster traditions while strengthening the College financially and operationally through sharedContinue reading “Incoming President Answers Questions from Community”

Martin Luther King Day Commemorates His Legacy

Speakers highlight “the fierce urgency of now” and urge students to take action Gianna Hayes News Editor Last week, the College of Wooster celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and remembered the lasting impact he had in the Civil Rights movement as well as in individuals, especially those struggling to find their voice. Leading upContinue reading “Martin Luther King Day Commemorates His Legacy”

Strategic Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee prepares for Academic Program Review

Tyler Rak, Chief Copy Editor/Business Manager As the fall semester winds to a close, campus community members are growing increasingly concerned about the alleged budget deficit faced by The College of Wooster. The Board of Trustees and Interim President Wayne Webster announced earlier this year that Wooster is facing an estimated $6.1 million budget deficit.Continue reading “Strategic Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee prepares for Academic Program Review”

College adjusts staff health insurance and sets sight on student meal plans

Samuel Boudreau, Editor in Chief On Nov. 30, Marjorie Shamp, Director of Campus Dining & Conference Services, and Jason Stevenson, Executive Chef of Creative Dining Services (CDS), held a Campus Dining Listening Session for students to share their concerns regarding food and dining at the College. Four students attended the meeting, one of whom wasContinue reading “College adjusts staff health insurance and sets sight on student meal plans”

Students perform at Culture Show

Grace Pryor, Contributing Writer Last Saturday evening, Nov. 11, the atmosphere at the 2022 International Education Week Culture Show was raucous and excited. McGaw Chapel, where the event was held from 6 to 8 p.m., was filled nearly to the brim, its benches packed with students ready to cheer on their friends and classmates andContinue reading “Students perform at Culture Show”

Wooster Orbits Oberlin by Overcoming Obstacles

Eliot Barrengos, Contributing Writer The Fighting Scots football team played their final game of the season last Saturday. A 56-13 drubbing of the Oberlin Yeomen capped off a successful 2022 season for Wooster. The win cemented the Scots’ final record at 6-4 overall and 5-4 in conference play, continuing a streak of three consecutive seasonsContinue reading “Wooster Orbits Oberlin by Overcoming Obstacles”

Monthly Campus Climate Report for October Released

The campus climate report reflects real dangers facing students Kaylee Liu, News Editor On Thursday, Nov. 3, the October 2022 campus climate report published by the Title IX Office was released. The campus climate report is a monthly report recording the number of student incidents involving sexual misconduct, bias, alcohol and drug incidents and otherContinue reading “Monthly Campus Climate Report for October Released”

Wooster Adoptee Student Union holds First Meeting

Samuel Boudreau, Editor in Chief Growing up in the predominantly white farming community of Meadville, Pa., Maud Bulman ’23, an adoptee born in China, was identified by many as a person with one identity. “Growing up, I lived in a very white, rural community,” said Bulman, “so I was always labeled as a ‘Chinese-girl’ forContinue reading “Wooster Adoptee Student Union holds First Meeting”