Never Miss a Chance to Dance at Danza Zumba!

Rachel Applebaum, Contributing Writer Shake your booty down to the aerobic studio. Why? Danza Zumba! When? Wednesdays from 7-8 p.m. This past week I had the pleasure of participating in the Zumba Club. The class is led by the wonderful and talented Karrie McAllister, who interestingly graduated from The College of Wooster in ’99. TheContinue reading “Never Miss a Chance to Dance at Danza Zumba!”

Channeling the Essence of Las Vegas in Wooster

Elizabeth Heatwole, Contributing Writer Providing Wooster students with friendly competition in the form of classic casino games, Wooster Activities Crew (WAC) presented Viva Las Vegas Casino Night this past weekend on Jan. 28. Hosted in Knowlton Commons, overlooking a campus softly illuminated by streetlamps, Casino Night provided an element of festivity to an otherwise routineContinue reading “Channeling the Essence of Las Vegas in Wooster”

The Lunar New Year: Ringing in the Year of the Rabbit

Grace Pryor, Contributing Writer Last Saturday, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) kicked off the Year of the Rabbit in style. Held in Knowlton Commons, the occasion celebrated the Chinese New Year. CSSA collaborated with the College’s Chinese department, the Wooster Mennonite Church and the Wooster Christian Fellowship in hosting the event. Knowlton wasContinue reading “The Lunar New Year: Ringing in the Year of the Rabbit”

RSL Celebrate the Holiday Season for All

Holly Shaum, Staff Writer On Saturday, Dec. 3, Religious and Spiritual Life (RSL) hosted an event called “(W)Inter Religious Holidays Festival” to celebrate a wide range of holidays and observances taking place between December and mid-January. The event took place in Knowlton Commons with RSL members educating their fellow Wooster students on Buddhism, Judaism, CatholicismContinue reading “RSL Celebrate the Holiday Season for All”

The Power of Eating Simply at Woo’s Soup and Bread

Gianna Hayes, Contributing Writer As Wooster changes with the seasons, the blustery days beckon us inside to enjoy apple ciders and hot chocolates. Sure, we could head to Boo Bears, Knowlton Cafe or MacLeod’s coffee shop/convenience store, but besides these lovely locales with coffee to keep our hands warm, there are Wednesdays at Kittredge DiningContinue reading “The Power of Eating Simply at Woo’s Soup and Bread”

Showcasing Ta-Irty-Bai: Uncovering Her History at Woo

Tyler Rak ’24, Business Manager The College of Wooster mummy. An elusive figure shrouded in mystery. Some say she roams the steam tunnels at night. Others say that students should rub her toes for good luck. Where, you may ask, has the mummy been all these years? Not roaming the steam tunnels, but rather storedContinue reading “Showcasing Ta-Irty-Bai: Uncovering Her History at Woo”

Scotlight: Douglas Richardson

Introduce yourself! Hi, I am Douglas Richardson, a senior communication studies major and sociology minor from Chattanooga, Tenn. I am the president of Shades of Gold, the president of Xi Chi Psi, the treasurer of the communications club and the treasurer of Lambda Pi Eta, the communications honors society.  Wow, you are super busy! Indeed.Continue reading “Scotlight: Douglas Richardson”