A Farewell from our Editors-in-Chief

Traditionally, the Editors-in-Chief end their years at The Voice with interviewing one another. Per tradition, Editors-in-Chief, Lark Pinney ’23 and Samuel Boudreau ’23, interview one another to discuss their lives and The Voice: past, present and future. LP: Do you want to introduce yourself?  SB: Yes. My name’s Sam Boudreau, I’m a senior sociology majorContinue reading “A Farewell from our Editors-in-Chief”

Seasonal Depression, Who? Students Soak Up the Sun!

Brianna Becerra, Contributing Writer The sun is finally shining again in Northeast Ohio, and Wooster students have been taking full advantage of it. Over the past few weeks, students have been finding any reason they can to enjoy more time outside. Whether it be outdoor classes, sitting on the quad with friends or even eatingContinue reading “Seasonal Depression, Who? Students Soak Up the Sun!”

Goats and Yoga: Not a Ba-aa-aa-d Way to De-Stress!

Grace Pryor, Contributing Writer Last Saturday, April 15, 2023, was nearly eighty degrees and sunny – perfect for Wooster Activities Crew (WAC)’s Field Day. Held on the Residential Quad from 1 to 4 p.m., its activities included yard games like spikeball and cornhole, as well as the main event: two sessions of goat yoga.  GoatContinue reading “Goats and Yoga: Not a Ba-aa-aa-d Way to De-Stress!”

DASA Throws a Fun and Inclusive Ball for All

Zach Perrier, Contributing Writer The Disability Advocacy and Support Alliance (DASA) hosted a space-themed Silent Ball last Friday night, April 14, 2023, in Knowlton Commons. The event, similar to a silent disco, greeted ball-goers with colorful headphones and a wide array of decorations, such as planet beach balls and galactic tapestries. People who went chatted,Continue reading “DASA Throws a Fun and Inclusive Ball for All”

Scotlight: Christine Dunson, Associate Director of Residence Life

Tell me a little bit about yourself! Hi! My name is Christine Dunson. I am from Cleveland, OH and moved to Wooster in January. I studied communications in college for my undergraduate degree and human service counseling for my graduate degree. Along with working at the College, I also mentor students at Wooster High School.Continue reading “Scotlight: Christine Dunson, Associate Director of Residence Life”

Admitted Student Days: Welcoming New Fighting

Alex Nathanson, Features Editor As the process of Senior I.S. comes to its annual end, the final segment of the academic year has arrived, and with it comes the preparation for next year. While there are many signifiers that the end of the year brings with it, including the return to outdoor activities and performances,Continue reading “Admitted Student Days: Welcoming New Fighting”

Ubuntu: Unifying Through the Celebration of Diversity

Morgan Hunter, Contributing Writer “When we rise, we transcend.” Audience members of all ages, identities and stories filed into McGaw Chapel Saturday evening, eager for the night that would unite them. As the lights dimmed and the first performers took the stage, captivating silence took hold. This was no mere college club exhibition; this wasContinue reading “Ubuntu: Unifying Through the Celebration of Diversity”