Native Plants in Northeast Ohio: A Springtime Guide

Caroline Ward, S&E Editor As the days lengthen and the winter snows melt, the soil of Wooster, Ohio begins to warm, stimulating the growth of a number of indigenous plants and wildflowers. Take a walk around town and you may begin to notice the soft green shoots and pastels of budding flowers signaling springtime inContinue reading “Native Plants in Northeast Ohio: A Springtime Guide”

Viewpoint: Better Understanding the C-Store

The C-store has always been a student’s crutch. I remember it was in the old Lowry building on the first floor with a room so small and compact, you might think you’re in an urban bodega. And like a real convenience store, it had all the basic hygiene products, snacks, drinks and an array ofContinue reading “Viewpoint: Better Understanding the C-Store”

Five Fascinating Plants of the World

Zoë Jurkowski, S&E Editor With the sporadically warm and rainy weather that is Ohio spring, many beautiful blossoms and budding leaves can be spotted on campus grounds. As recent groundwork has left the oh-so familiar scent of mulch in the air, we can expect to see only more sprouting plants and flowers in the remainingContinue reading “Five Fascinating Plants of the World”

Meeting for Student Feedback on Conduct Process Canceled

Julia Garrison, Contributing Writer On April 12, 2023 Dean of Students and Director of Student Rights and Responsibility Dr. Amy Franklin-Craft issued an email to the Wooster student body that announced a meeting in which the Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities would be meeting with students to review the Scot’s Key and receive feedbackContinue reading “Meeting for Student Feedback on Conduct Process Canceled”

John Stuart Mill Forum Hosts Debate on Abortion

Audrey Pantaz, Contributing Writer On Thursday, April 13, the John Stuart Mill Forum (JSMF), in conjunction with the Braver Angels and FIRE foundations, hosted a formal debate on abortion, specifically in the context of the United States. Braver Angels is a foundation working towards the goal of depolarizing American politics. They began in South Lebanon,Continue reading “John Stuart Mill Forum Hosts Debate on Abortion”

Appreciating Appreciation: Music is for All, No Matter Your Knowledge

Colin Schrein, A&E Editor Who is able to appreciate music the most? Is it your classic rock-obsessed dad or the highest educated conservatory professor? Who feels music in a deeper way? The fan that can’t keep a simple beat or the virtuoso concert pianist? All people relate to music differently, regardless of their knowledge orContinue reading “Appreciating Appreciation: Music is for All, No Matter Your Knowledge”

Murderous Melodies: A History of the American Murder Ballad in Folk Music

Haley Huett, A&E Editor Somewhere along the Ohio River, a man invites his love to take a walk with him. They stroll along the banks, and he finds the perfect spot for a proposal. He opens his heart to his love and sinks down to one knee. “Will you marry me?” he says. She replies,Continue reading “Murderous Melodies: A History of the American Murder Ballad in Folk Music”

House Parties Across Campus Spark Increased Law Enforcement Presence

Campus Safety cites “an uptick” in complaints from nearby neighborhoods as reason for increased surveillance Samuel Boudreau, Editor in Chief Shortly before 1:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 16, 2023 on the north side of The College of Wooster’s campus, upwards of five Wooster City Police officers and a Wayne County Sheriff’s Department Deputy responded toContinue reading “House Parties Across Campus Spark Increased Law Enforcement Presence”