Scot Spirit Day Showcases the Campus Community

Emilie Eustace – Features Editor On Friday, Sept. 2, the Oak Grove was roaring with energy as Scot Spirit Day was heldfor the 2022-23 school year. Student leaders showcased over 120 organizations at the event through various displays, active member discussion, flyers, enticing handouts and performances in hopes to inform and recruit potential new members.Continue reading “Scot Spirit Day Showcases the Campus Community”

Bat infestations and bites plague student residence buildings

Over 50 bats found in dorms and houses withoutair conditioning or recent renovations Samuel Boudreau – Editor in Chief At the end of her first week at The College of Wooster, Celena McCabe ’26 noticedan unusual mark on her leg. “I decided to check myself,” said McCabe, “and I saw aweird little mark.” She droveContinue reading “Bat infestations and bites plague student residence buildings”

Hot Takes: What Students Think of New Lowry Student Center

Emma Shinker – Features Editor Last Saturday, The Wooster Voice sent a survey to the student body asking students toshare their experiences with the newly renovated Lowry Student Center and new diningcontractor, Creative Dining Services. Respondents were asked to rate 9 different aspects of the remodel and the switch in food services out of 5Continue reading “Hot Takes: What Students Think of New Lowry Student Center”

It’s Time to Pay the Piper: The GrimRealities of Working as an RA

Savannah Sima One of the most invaluable resources for any insular liberal arts campus, especially in a rural environment, is labor. Where are we able to sufficiently hire the labor necessary to maintain an almost totally insular campus? Internally. Who exactly becomes the necessary potential candidates for hire when an entire campus must sustain itsContinue reading “It’s Time to Pay the Piper: The GrimRealities of Working as an RA”

How I Relived a Year in Six Painful Days

Mudiwa Mungoshi – Viewpoints Editor Was I sure I wanted to buy those crochet hooks and knitting needles? And what about theyoga mat? Maybe I also wanted to buy some hair gel and other items I knew I woulddefinitely not need once I escaped the four walls of my room that had become my isolationContinue reading “How I Relived a Year in Six Painful Days”

COVID-19 spreads as masks become optional

Holly Shaum – Staff Writer The first weeks of the fall semester have been marked with highs and lows.Students returned to campus to find a new dining hall but were also faced with anoutbreak of COVID-19.As of Sept. 5, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists WayneCounty at a level of medium riskContinue reading “COVID-19 spreads as masks become optional”

News – Science & Environment – Arts & Entertainment – Features – Sports – Viewpoints Policies – About – Contact us The Wooster Voice 11/18/2022 Students perform at Culture Show Students showcase their talents and creativity in a celebration of their cultures Wooster Orbits Oberlin by Overcoming Obstacles Eliot Barrengos, Contributing Writer Viewpoint: Sometimes YouContinue reading