Musicians and Composer Beware! The Curse of the Ninth Symphony

Colin Schrein, A&E Editor Superstition is a thing of mystery and intrigue for many, something that drives people mad and riddles them with eerie questions. Musicians are among some of the most superstitious, from the naming of the tritone as the “devil’s interval” in the Middle Ages to the “27 Club” of famous musicians whoContinue reading “Musicians and Composer Beware! The Curse of the Ninth Symphony”

Students Push Back Against Inclusion of Pregnancy Care Clinic in Student Resources

The faith-based resource has been listed in reproductive health services posters around campus Julia Garrison, Contributing Writer Upon entry to any women’s or all-gender restroom on campus, you might find a Reproductive Health Services poster hung by Longbrake Student Wellness Center (LSWC). Below the heading, the poster details all services that LSWC offers through theirContinue reading “Students Push Back Against Inclusion of Pregnancy Care Clinic in Student Resources”

Change the Course of a Victorian’s Life Every Sunday with Woo91

Elizabeth Heatwole, Contributing Writer The recent introduction of the College’s radio station, Woo91, into the ground floor of Lowry has marked a new era for the station. Outfitted with updated technology that provides an enhanced broadcasting and listening experience, the station has set its sights on filling the ears of Wooster students with a lineupContinue reading “Change the Course of a Victorian’s Life Every Sunday with Woo91”

A Cockmouse? No, Just a Pile of Hair.

Picture this: you’ve just gotten done with athletic practice. You head to the team locker room to shower and clean up when you notice the smell. As you are showering, you find yourself staring at one of the many clumps of hair coating the drain. You also notice the black mold growing along the floorContinue reading “A Cockmouse? No, Just a Pile of Hair.”

Blast from the Past: Giants Win Super Bowl XLVI

In honor of Super Bowl LVII, the Voice presents a look into pat Super Bowl coverage by 2013 Sports Editor Julie Kendall. The New York Giants took home the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, earning a 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. They pulled off the upset with a fourth-quarter comebackContinue reading “Blast from the Past: Giants Win Super Bowl XLVI”

Swim Teams Close Out Season on a High Note

Langston Hood, Senior Sports Writer Eliot Barrengos, Contributing Writer The Wooster swimming and diving teams took on the NCAC Championships last weekend with both performing admirably as the women’s team finished fourth and the men claimed their first top-three finish in two decades, claiming a collective bronze medal at the conclusion of the meet. TheContinue reading “Swim Teams Close Out Season on a High Note”

Love and Zombies! “Warm Bodies” Brings the Romance

Jade Green, Contributing Writer If you’re looking for a macabre twist on an age-old love story, look no further than “Warm Bodies.” This early 2000s film features seamless combinations of heartfelt (albeit cringeworthy) romance, witty humor and everyone’s favorite romance movie trope: zombies. “Warm Bodies” is an ageless classic featuring the story of an undeadContinue reading “Love and Zombies! “Warm Bodies” Brings the Romance”

Tragic Love Across Time and Space: Three Stories Across Science Fiction

Orion Bress, Contributing Writer This Valentine’s Day I want to share my favorite tragic love stories, all of which feature time travel to some degree. From the “Star Trek” episode “City on the Edge of Forever,” to “Doctor Who’s” “The Girl in the Fireplace,” to “A God Walks into Abar” from “Watchmen,” these episodes demonstrateContinue reading “Tragic Love Across Time and Space: Three Stories Across Science Fiction”