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Expanding the Genre: How One Show is Changing Science-Fiction

Orion Bress, Contributing Writer With “House of Dragon” returning us to Westeros and “The Rings of Power” returning us to Middle Earth, I believe now is a perfect time for us to revisit the lesser-known world of “The Expanse.” Based on the book series by the same name written by James S.A. Cory, a pseudonymContinue reading “Expanding the Genre: How One Show is Changing Science-Fiction”

A Suggestion: Don’t be Afraid to Try Some Lo-fi

Jack Freer, Contributing Writer The simple title of this article likely triggered a recollection for many of you. The famous YouTube thumbnail, a seemingly eternal livestream of a girl writing in front of a window with headphones: the lo-fi girl – a fundamental fixture of YouTube. You may even tune in occasionally – many bobContinue reading “A Suggestion: Don’t be Afraid to Try Some Lo-fi”

Cracking the Seal on Ebert Art Center’s Display of Containers

Elizabeth Heatwole, Contributing Writer The Ebert Art Center’s latest exhibition, titled “Contained: The Art of Holding it Together,” centers around objects that hold the pieces of daily life. Sourced entirely from Wooster’s own art collection, “Contained” explores society’s relationship with containers through social, economic and cultural perspectives.  Bowls, plates, tea kettles and chests are displayedContinue reading “Cracking the Seal on Ebert Art Center’s Display of Containers”


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