Seasonal Depression, Who? Students Soak Up the Sun!

Brianna Becerra, Contributing Writer

The sun is finally shining again in Northeast Ohio, and Wooster students have been taking full advantage of it. Over the past few weeks, students have been finding any reason they can to enjoy more time outside. Whether it be outdoor classes, sitting on the quad with friends or even eating meals outside, the seasonal change in temperature has been welcomed by the Wooster campus.

For the entirety of the week before last, campus came to life. The monotony of bundling up to walk across campus was momentarily put on hold when the temperatures reached the upper 60s and 70s. Winter jackets were tossed aside as students and professors alike donned lighter clothing for the first time since fall semester.

Shorts, t-shirts and flowy dresses were abundant on campus. Students took full advantage of the sunshine to start working on a tan, or even hang out and play games on the residential quad. The Oak Grove was full of hammocks, with students catching up on sleep or working on classwork while suspended between the trees.

The reception to this change in temperature was overwhelmingly positive, and Aster Smith ’25 changed their daily routine to enjoy the warmth.

“I laid out in the grass and did my homework because the sun fixes all of my problems,” said Smith.

Not everyone is a lover of warm weather, as Elizabeth Kotora ’25 did not shift her daily schedule to accommodate the warmer temperatures. 

“I hate sweating,” she shared. “I can’t look cute in the summer, I don’t know how to dress for warmer weather.”

Though warmer temperatures are not Kotora’s cup of tea, she did appreciate the changes on campus. 

“Everyone was in a better mood, that was nice to see,” said Kotora. “The days you see the most people are I.S. Monday and when the weather is warm.”

Kotora is not alone in noticing a shift in the mood on campus, as Judith Topham ’23 agrees that sunshine has gone a long way in making the semester more bearable.

“I don’t even realize that I have seasonal depression until the sun comes out,” Topham joked.

Topham is also a student athlete, and she runs track during the spring. Not only has the better weather changed her attitude about classes and coursework, but it has also changed how she feels about her spring sport.

“Warm weather made me so much happier to run,” said Topham.

The change in weather has been welcomed by many spring athletes, as they are accustomed to colder temperatures during their season. Athletes were not alone in appreciating this change, and even the campus squirrels seemed to be enjoying the warmth.

With the sun finally shining and temperatures climbing, the doom and gloom of finals season seemed to be forgotten for the majority of last week. The campus is being shocked back into reality with a cold spell hitting this week and last, but hope is not lost for a warm remainder of the semester.

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