Scotlight: Christine Dunson, Associate Director of Residence Life

Christine Dunson, Associate Director of Resi

Tell me a little bit about yourself!

Hi! My name is Christine Dunson. I am from Cleveland, OH and moved to Wooster in January. I studied communications in college for my undergraduate degree and human service counseling for my graduate degree. Along with working at the College, I also mentor students at Wooster High School. I love coffee, and am currently on the search for the best coffee shop in Wooster so let me know if you have any recommendations!

What role do you have at the College?

I am the Assistant Director of Residence Life. I provide support and assistance for our RAs as well as all students living on campus, as well as work to oversee new RA selection. I try to bring a positive attitude to the Residence Life office and to campus in general!

What is your favorite part about your position?

Where do I start? I love having the opportunity to engage with students, work to find feasible and positive solutions to problems and ensure that all students at Wooster feel supported, especially when it comes to something as sensitive as housing. I want to make sure that the outcomes and goals of students are being met, while also making all feel welcome and cared for.

What is the most challenging part of your position?

I will say, in my position, sometimes the solutions available do not align with students’ expectations and having to explore alternative options can be challenging when expectations are high. But, my ultimate goal is always that everyone receives the best solution available to them leading to the best outcome. 

When should students come see you?

I am typically working from 9am-5pm, but the nature of my position includes me being out and about often. My office is located in the Residence Life office in Lowry. Always feel free to come up and say hi anywhere that you see me, whether that be in Lowry, Boo Bears, or somewhere outside! If you have a problem with your RA, roommate or any concerns or questions regarding housing at all, you can feel free to make an appointment with me or stop by. I also have a wide range of fidget toys available if you need a bit of stress relief and comfort!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I like racket sports, and hope to soon take a pickleball class. I love being by the water, whether that be a stream, the Great Lake Erie or the pool. To be honest, my hobbies are geriatric and I enjoy birdwatching, bingo and cross stitching. Shoutout to my bestie in Admissions, Annie Murphy, as well for our hangouts. 

What experiences did you have in college that made you want to take on a position like this?

I really did not have a lot of mentors in my life as a high school or college student and as I look back, I really see the glaring deficit that that was. So, I wanted to make sure I was able to provide that wherever I worked. Championing young adults towards their purpose is a passion of mine, and getting to do that for a job means I get to do something I am passionate about and make money from it. I really think that everyone needs to know that they are valued, supported, loved and have a purpose, and think that I can share that through this role. It is really special for me to explore those things with students. You guys are really great! 

What advice do you have for students regarding housing and college in general?

Read your emails! I know you get a tsunami of emails everyday, but there is so much valuable information specifically regarding housing that comes to you that way. We see a lot of missed deadlines and “oh crap” moments from students because the information was provided but not received. Also, if you are looking for a single and are of a lower class year, apply to be an admissions overnight host next year!

What is your favorite part about the Voice

Hands down, Ask McWoo. McWoo is absolutely hilarious and full of wisdom! I lowkey have tons of questions to ask them…and probably will.

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