Former Scot Shusterman Making Waves in MLB Media

Eliot Barrengos, Sports Editor One night this past February, I was sitting at my desk, procrastinating on my psychology homework. My poison of choice in putting off my work tends to be podcasts, of which I am an avid listener, specifically of Major League Baseball (MLB) podcasts. But baseball is not played in February and,Continue reading “Former Scot Shusterman Making Waves in MLB Media”

Sports Roundup: Women’s & Men’s Lacrosse, Baseball & Softball

Eliot Barrengos, Sports Editor Baseball:  After a tough loss to Dension two weeks ago, the Scots bounced back to win four straight conference games against Ohio Wesleyan and DePauw. Leading the way for Wooster was Ryan Kramer ’26, who went 8-15 last week, good for a .533 average. The torrid stretch at the plate nettedContinue reading “Sports Roundup: Women’s & Men’s Lacrosse, Baseball & Softball”

College Adjusts Sick and Vacation Time in New Staff Handbook

Sam Boudreau, Editor in Chief In March of 2023, The College of Wooster released a “Staff Handbook,” containing important information on the general policies, rules and procedures of the College of Wooster’s staff, along with employee privileges and obligations. To clarify, the handbook’s policies, rules and procedures apply only to the College’s “staff and administrativeContinue reading “College Adjusts Sick and Vacation Time in New Staff Handbook”

For Wielansky, WBC was Shining Moment: “Unreal”

Eliot Barrengos, Sports Editor Baseball is known as a game of failures; in order to survive in it as either an observer or as a participant, you’ve got to be able to take perspective. For Michael Wielansky, an 18th-round selection of the Houston Astros in the 2018 MLB Draft out of a division-III program, perspectiveContinue reading “For Wielansky, WBC was Shining Moment: “Unreal””

Dr. Amy Franklin-Craft Has Parted Ways with College

Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities no longer employed at the College Julia Garrison, Contributing Writer In email correspondence with The Voice on April 24, Dean Cliff Bobbitt confirmed that Dr. Amy Franklin-Craft is “no longer at the College.” The email to The Voice comes after four weeks of investigative reporting on the College’s overallContinue reading “Dr. Amy Franklin-Craft Has Parted Ways with College”

A Farewell from our Editors-in-Chief

Traditionally, the Editors-in-Chief end their years at The Voice with interviewing one another. Per tradition, Editors-in-Chief, Lark Pinney ’23 and Samuel Boudreau ’23, interview one another to discuss their lives and The Voice: past, present and future. LP: Do you want to introduce yourself?  SB: Yes. My name’s Sam Boudreau, I’m a senior sociology majorContinue reading “A Farewell from our Editors-in-Chief”

Moving Forward with Uncertainty

Colin Tobin, Managing Editor Especially during my first two years in Wooster, there were a lot of moments of self-doubt where I would question whether I made the right choice by not going to a college closer to home, and constantly thought about going back. Was Wooster the right choice? Living alone in a blandContinue reading “Moving Forward with Uncertainty”

Seasonal Depression, Who? Students Soak Up the Sun!

Brianna Becerra, Contributing Writer The sun is finally shining again in Northeast Ohio, and Wooster students have been taking full advantage of it. Over the past few weeks, students have been finding any reason they can to enjoy more time outside. Whether it be outdoor classes, sitting on the quad with friends or even eatingContinue reading “Seasonal Depression, Who? Students Soak Up the Sun!”

Viewpoint: Journalism is Not for Everyone!

Kaylee Liu, News Editor I haven’t learned much from working at The Voice for three years, but if I’ve learned anything, it’s that journalism isn’t for me. I guess I’ve also learned that punctuality isn’t an elementary skill for most people, and that, even worse, grammar belongs in the stratospheric realm of tertiary education. IContinue reading “Viewpoint: Journalism is Not for Everyone!”