Dear McWoo: Anonymous Advice

An opportunity to anonymously ask for advice from your favorite Wooster mascot, McWoo!

Dear McWoo,

Lately I’ve gotten really into this new video game. Like, *really* into it. I’m falling behind on my work and I keep losing time to this game. I don’t want to quit it entirely, because I have a lot of fun with it, but I can’t keep doing this. How can I stop myself from becoming a full time basement dweller?

Fighting for my life,

Gamer Girl

Dear Gamer Girl,

Alan Moore describes technology as a double-edged sword, bringing both benefits and disasters, which I am sure you can relate to right now. The endless amount of video games and new, trendy apps created to put our time into for some type of enjoyment prove to be a huge distraction for college students. Before I give you some advice, I first must share a story about my video game obsession regarding the app Subway Surfers. Hopefully you know this game — one where you play a troubled teen running from the cops, jumping on subways, rolling through obstacles and running on ceilings with no end in sight. This mindless game is intended for nine year olds to play, yet somehow in my college days I let myself become slightly addicted. Why did I become obsessed with a game that has no real rewards and requires no serious challenges? I needed comfort. I needed to mindlessly play a game on my phone to distract myself from my stressors and experiences that I so badly wanted to avoid in real life. Maybe that is what you need too — an escape from real life through the engagement of some sort of virtual reality, which is completely acceptable. However, it is important to limit the time spent in your alternate reality in order for you to be able to be an active college student who completes their assignments on time and aims for submitting well-done work. My advice to you is to set a designated hour per day where you will play your video game purely because it brings you joy, not in order to avoid something else. Do not make this set hour too late, as it is crucial that you stick to this 60 minute time allowance and do not lose any sleep over the game. If you have extra time after completing all of your required coursework for the day, allow yourself to play some more if you would like. If you get really stressed out during the day and need an “out,” do not turn to your game, but instead turn to something else that will allow you to destress and reset, like spending some time outside, talking to a friend, taking a quick nap or meditating. Play your video game for fun a little bit everyday, but do not allow it to become a coping mechanism for stressors you do not want to face. Get out of the basement and enjoy life, while also incorporating things that bring you joy, like your video game. Create a balance!

Hope this helps,


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