Love and Zombies! “Warm Bodies” Brings the Romance

R, the zombie protagonist of “Warm Bodies,” played by Nicholas Hoult. Image courtesy of
Jade Green, Contributing Writer

If you’re looking for a macabre twist on an age-old love story, look no further than “Warm Bodies.” This early 2000s film features seamless combinations of heartfelt (albeit cringeworthy) romance, witty humor and everyone’s favorite romance movie trope: zombies. “Warm Bodies” is an ageless classic featuring the story of an undead young man, named R, wandering aimlessly through a post-apocalyptic airport in Montreal, Quebec. Unlike his zombie companions, however, he longs for more purpose in life after death. Unbeknownst to him, he is about to have a chance encounter with a young woman, Julie, who is living in the last vestige of human civilization in the city. Their love story begins with what would have been a heartwarming meet-cute…if R hadn’t accidentally just eaten her boyfriend.

A fast-paced, exciting interpretation of “Romeo and Juliet,” “Warm Bodies” has to take the medal for originality in the romance genre. From the timelessly cinematic soundtrack, to the vibrant set design, realistic prosthetics and the all-star cast, this movie has certainly earned its Google Review of 4.7 stars.

Personally, I have watched this movie more times than I’d like to admit, and as a fan of zombie-related media who is also a sucker for the cliché romance genre, seeing it again never seems to get boring. There’s always some new way for me to appreciate the plot, especially with the touches of comedy in an otherwise bleak setting of the human apocalypse. And seeing a movie from the perspective of a zombie? Unheard of in any other film. The star actor, Nicholas Hoult, seems to have an uncanny knack for playing mildly dead-eyed characters (see his latest star role in “The Menu”). However, I will always have a profound appreciation for how he doesn’t take himself seriously, which offsets the dry type of humor that makes this movie so unique. I would rate this movie six stars if I could. It’s a definite must-watch film for people who are looking for something a little different this Valentine’s Day weekend.

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