Dear McWoo: Anonymous Advice

An opportunity to anonymously ask for advice from your favorite Wooster mascot, McWoo!

Dear McWoo, 

My roommate is in a relationship and I am single this Valentine’s Day. I want to hide out in my room this weekend to avoid my feelings of loneliness and commitment issues, but my roommate has requested to utilize the room for dinner with his partner. I begged him to just go off-campus for the night and get something to eat at a nice restaurant, but he insists on using the room. Do I give in or stand my ground?

With gratitude,

Sad and Single

Dear Sad and Single,

Look, I get it. Sometimes being single for this beloved holiday can drag you down, especially if you have to spend this time reflecting on romantic relationships that could have been. In order for me to give you guidance on whether to irritate your roommate by staying in your room or just to accept that you are being sexiled, we first need to discuss the benefits of being single this V-Day. This holiday is screaming capitalism! Bouquets of flowers, cards, candies and teddy bears – all saying the same three words: I love you. People pay money to have said what they can simply use their words to express. In this economy? Inflation is on the rise, readers. We are also in a point of the semester where papers are due and exams are on the horizon. No date on Valentine’s Day weekend? Maybe use this free time to pump out the work that I am sure you have been putting off. Dinner for two? I can guarantee that dinner for one is cheaper! So, Sad and Single, I think the answer is clear. Treat yourself to dinner that does not include Lowry french fries, buy yourself a milkshake from the Wooster Dari-Land and give your roommate some space and privacy. He will appreciate it, and who knows, you may be the one needing a special space for your special someone this time next year. 



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