Students Share Thoughts on Late-Night Dining

Image courtesy of @dineatwooster on Instagram
Gianna Hayes, News Editor

Mom’s Late Night has long been a staple for hungry students pulling all-nighters or staying out to catch up with friends. Since renovating the Student Center, Campus Dining has made various upgrades, notably with Mom’s Late Night. But have these really been upgrades? The Voice fielded a survey to gauge the College community’s opinions. Over 200 responses, concerns, suggestions and reviews were shared. 

Students were asked to anonymously rate the food quality, ordering system and pricing on a scale from one to five, with five being “high satisfaction” and one being “low satisfaction.” 

Satisfaction with food quality averaged 2.7/5 between all respondents, with 31.7% of respondents rating it 3/5 and another 18.3% rating it as 1/5. Only 4.1% of students rated it 5/5. The ordering interface was rated by 40.3% of students a 1/5 in terms of functionality. Only nine respondents, comprising 4.1%, rated it as a 5/5. 

One of the concerns raised about Mom’s Late Night was the disregard for particular diets, so the Voice asked students if they thought their dietary needs and restrictions were being met. A little over half of students surveyed responded “yes,” but in the “other” option, many students wrote in responses concerned for their friends’ dietary needs. Still, a staggering 40.4% of respondents stated that their dietary restrictions were not being met, with one anonymous respondent pointing out that there was “definitely cross contamination with the gluten.” Another student brought up the unfair pricing, saying “alternative dietary options shouldn’t cost extra.”

Many students expressed frustration with the pricing system, with students pointing out that they could get more food from Lowry for fewer meal swipes. Only 3.2% of respondents felt that the food was priced fairly. Other complaints involved the long wait times and slow nature of the ordering system, with students pointing out that “every time [they] order, there’s a problem or different way or ordering.” Kelsey Mize ’26 found the interface so impossible to use she told us that “[her] friends always pay for [her] because [she] can’t figure it out.”

Another student had to “wait over an hour for food one time,” and yet another pointed out that the “website takes a very long time … so many people wait 30-45 minutes.” Emma Downing ’24 had a particularly bad experience, telling us that she “waited 70 minutes for a patty melt, fries and two orders of onion rings. They said I only ordered one order of onion rings, my fries were cold, and the patty melt was soggy and dry at the same time. I was extremely disappointed with my experience.”

In particular, athletes were very frustrated. One athlete stated that “there is no food for athletes after meets or sports events that is healthy and nutritious. If we finish a meet after 8 p.m.[,] there is nowhere to eat.” A lacrosse player pointed out that they routinely practice from 6 to 8 p.m., and that “having to spend two [or more] meal swipes to get less food than what we can get for a meal swipe when Lowry is open is a little hard to stomach.” Despite this, the largest complaint was with the food quality, with students calling it “horrible,” stating that “the pizza dough is raw,” and that the “items are really expensive for poor quality.” Another student expressed a hatred for the pizza, remarking Mom’s should not “have nights where it is just pizza. That was terrible and ruined my entire night.” Finally, an anonymous student submitted the plaintive, “The food is really bad. Please improve it.”

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