Never Miss a Chance to Dance at Danza Zumba!

Rachel Applebaum, Contributing Writer

Shake your booty down to the aerobic studio. Why? Danza Zumba! When? Wednesdays from 7-8 p.m. This past week I had the pleasure of participating in the Zumba Club. The class is led by the wonderful and talented Karrie McAllister, who interestingly graduated from The College of Wooster in ’99. The dedicated club president, Aliza Sosin ’25, also helps in instructing the classes. 

Karrie started Zumba over 10 years ago and has been an instructor at the College for the past two years! As for her background in this type of exercise, Karrie uses Zumba as a fun way to get exercise without thinking that you are exercising. She also emphasizes the fact that she enjoys watching people let go and have fun with the music. I asked her what her favorite song to dance to is and, without hesitation, she said “Daddy Yankee.” This was not shocking, as the whole class loves these Zumba dances and songs because of how fun it is to let loose to the music.

I also had the opportunity to talk to Aliza, the president of the club. I wanted to know what made her become interested in Zumba. She said that she danced with the previous president of Zumba and fell in love with the club. The part of the club that attracts her the most is that she can dance her heart out and not care what she looks like. 

If anyone is hesitant to come to Zumba, take Karrie’s word when she says “try it more than once, the first time you may be confused but look for patterns.” Aliza also chimed in saying, “try out Zumba! It doesn’t matter what you look like dancing or the skills you have, we always have a lot of fun.” The doors to Danza Zumba are open – come and give it a try!

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