A Playlist to Pluck at Your Heartstrings: Love Songs for Every Mood

Colin Schrein, A&E Editor
Haley Huett, A&E Editor

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the editors of the Arts and Entertainment section have laid out our top ten love songs for all occasions. Our list has something for everyone. Whether you’re pining for a love you once had, keeping your feelings hidden or caught a case of the love-bug, we’ve assembled a list of songs to capture whatever it is you’ve got going on. 

Sade: “Your Love is King”

Have you ever been in a deep and entrancing love? Sade’s “Your Love is King” is a confessional of this type of infatuation down to its core. As she sings, all that can be on the mind is swooning for the one you love.

Chet Baker: “I Fall in Love Too Easily”

Falling in love can be a confusing and contradictory thing. Sometimes you just can’t help but tumble head-over-heels for somebody. Take a ride with Chet, maybe the only thing to do is to fall in love too easily.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: “I’m Glad”

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. If you’ve hit a rough patch this Valentine’s season, know that there is always a proton to every electron. Remembering the good times may sting, but those are the times we live for, right?

Jeff Buckley: “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over”

Accepting love’s reality and the things you learned along the way is just as important as the act of loving itself. More than a mere lament, Buckley reveals his emotional muddle, caught between being “Too young to hold on / And too old to just break free and run.”

Faye Webster: “Right Side of My Neck”

Longing for someone after being graced by their presence? Faye Webster knows that feeling too. In “Right Side of My Neck,” she explores that peculiar, yearning sense that comes when you’re lying alone in bed. Go for it, ask them to be your valentine. The right side of your neck still smells like them anyways.

The Moldy Peaches: “Jorge Regula”

Together, The Moldy Peaches sing about simple and comfortable love. Going through the monotony of your day in the presence of the person you love, the modest harmonies of Adam Green and Kimya Dawson speak to a relationship that is well-established. The last verse, whispered quietly between the two, “I love you / Let’s go to sleep,” feels like falling asleep next to the one you love.

The Fruit Bats: “When U Love Somebody” 

“When U Love Somebody” contains a powerful message. The Fruit Bats sing that, “When you love somebody and bite your tongue / All you get is a mouthful of blood.” This upbeat indie tune reminds us that when you care about another person, it might be better to confess your feelings than to let your love fester quietly. All you will have to show for it is a bloody mouth and no sweetheart to kiss it better!

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: “Just Give Me Your Time”

Pining for someone who has left you out in the cold? Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings sing a sorrowful and haunting story of longing for a lover that has left. “Let me in baby,” croons Jones, “Just give me your time.” The jazzy big band laid beneath the sweet melody makes this an excellent listen if you’re feeling a little lonely.

Van Morrison: “Brown Eyed Girl”

Have a brown-eyed girl in your life? Even if you don’t, this song is beloved by anyone with the humble eye color, and for good reason! Joyful and danceable, send this to your special someone. You can’t go wrong with Van Morrison’s classic hit.  

Tyler Childers: “All Your’n”

Tyler Childers is well-known for his love songs that transcend genre. “All Your’n,” one of the country singer’s most popular songs, is an upbeat dedication to love. Enjoying all of life with your love is the central theme of the song, through the highs and lows and all the memories in between. “I’ll love you till my lungs give out,” Childers sings, “I’m all your’n and you’re all mine,” and don’t we all hope to feel that one day?  

With these songs, we wish you a lovey dovey Valentine’s day! February can bite cold but hopefully our selections will warm you up and fill your heart. Even if there isn’t a special someone in your life, pop your headphones in and love yourself!

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