Wonderful Winter Weather

Photo by Harvey Reed on Pexels.com
Students share their perspectives on the winter ambiance

“The Promise of Color”

Drew Baird ’24

The snow is starting now. 

Not the fluffy, playful snow

That greets you on a fine morning.



Snow —

The kind that continues

Through a cold night.

White snow that makes

White trees

And white mountains

And white houses.

There is beauty

In this season

That is defined by the promise of color.

What is white now

Will not be forever.


Gianna Hayes

Spring fills my mind with possibilities, and tulips sprout in my head as I lay myself down on a lush moss bed.

And Summer! Summer fills my lungs with passion, a yearning–an excitement for exploring, growing, and learning.

In Autumn, I feel the crisp crunch of leaves beneath my feet, and clutch my mug of apple cider, warm and sweet.

But when Winter comes I tense up.

Winter, for the longest time, scared me. 

Because despite all the layers

Winter is when I feel most vulnerable.

I wear my heart on the sleeves of my puffy jacket.

I cry too easily, and blame it on the blistering gusts.

But although the sun pierces my eyes like an icicle,

The snow sparkles softly, as Swarovski crystals.

And though the flurries feel like static on a TV,

The snow coats me in a blanket of powdered sugar and whipped cream. 

And though the wind sweeps me off my feet, I’ve never felt more grounded than when I take that sharp inhale of cold air at 7AM,

Finding an odd sense of comfort,

A contradictory sort of strength

In that very same vulnerability. 

Le Froid

Jemella Piersol-Freedman ’26

J’ai froid. Je m’enfonce plus profondément

Dans mes couvertures, mais le froid pénètre

Chaque coin et recoin, ses longues vrilles glissant

A travers les murs, la porte, la fenêtre.

On frissonne sous nos grottes de couverture

Jusqu’à l’heure où ce n’est plus acceptable

De dormir. Nous sortons à contrecœur.

La froideur de ton haleine est palpable.

Mais, même si je gèle, ce n’est pas si mal

Parce que t’es là, à gauche. J’ai l’impression

Que tu me soutiens dans ce froid brutal.

On marche ensemble tous deux compatissants.

Je m’en rends compte lors de notre balade:

Avec toi ma vie est beaucoup moins froide.


Shane Byrne ’23

“Oh Lord

Release Your cold lungs,

succumb me in Your frost

I am the one

Which You have been waiting for

Bring me to a time

where the snow falls oh so slow

and the world is being frozen over for its sins

Clouded in blissful, silent slumber

looking through a window to nowhere”

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