Viewpoints from the Editors

Not All Bagels are Created Equal
Emilie Eustace ’24

Wootown bagels making an appearance at Boo Bears has changed my life for the better. However, there is a serious problem regarding the cross-contamination of sweet and savory flavors. Every Tuesday and Thursday, when my schedule is packed from hour to hour, I take a short break to grab a toasted cinnamon crunch bagel with butter accompanied by a small vanilla latte. I sit down for my short lunch break eager to devour the sweet, sticky cinnamon coating on the outside of a perfectly toasted bagel. Imagine my shock when I sink my teeth into what is supposed to be the bagel of my dreams and encounter a strong, aromatic garlic flavor exploding on my taste buds. Everything bagels are loveable too, but not when you are expecting a mouth-watering, sweet and spicy crunch of cinnamon. The bagels are stored in separate containers, so what is to blame for this issue? The toaster. I urge Boo Bears to invest in another toaster, one sweet and one savory, so that we can enjoy our bagels in peace – singularly flavored. 

It’s Not Over the Counter
Lark Pinney ’23

Over the counter medicine. When I say that, what are you picturing? A counter, perhaps? Someone like a pharmacist handing it over to you? Wrong. Over the counter medicine means the type you can pick up off a shelf, like Tylenol or Zyrtec. There are no counters involved, except for at the cash register, which to me is not sufficient enough for it to be designated as over the counter. I think we should come up with a much more logical naming system for this, where over the counter medicine is that which you need a prescription to pick up and shelf medicine should be called shelf medicine or something equally descriptive. This plagues my thoughts every time I pass a Walgreens or CVS, and I hope it now plagues yours too. 

Don’t Forget the Gem of Holden
Haley Huett ’23

Saturday, Jan. 28. I am the RA doing walkthroughs in Zone Four: Schoolhouse, Luce, Holden and Brush. The walks are long and tedious. It is cold outside and snowing something fierce. I am tired, but the night is not even close to being over. From Schoolhouse through Luce I have trekked, and yet, there is a treat waiting for me. On the third floor of Holden, a fountain awaits with cold and crisp waters. Refreshing in a way that is incomparable to any other drinking apparatus on campus. I hike up the stairs, lips chapped and mouth watering, eagerly awaiting this most delicious beverage. In the hallway, I see it. A hole in the wall where my beloved fountain used to be. Evil horror beyond my mind’s comprehension! Whoever took my dearest away, please bring her back to me.

Just Cuff the Pants.
Geoffrey Allen ’23

If you aren’t gonna cuff your crush, at least cuff the pants. That’s what I’ve been doing since high school. I’m no fashion expert but cuffing pants is a subtle niche I find superior to straight down attire. There’s something about exposing the literal legroom you create between the pants and the shoe (or sock!) that creates an aesthetic like no other. Sure, you may do it because your pants are too long. But you cannot deny the character it builds on one’s style compared to generic rolled down pants. Like how else are you going to show off your funky socks this Friday?

Why We Must Burn Carefully
Gianna Hayes ’26

Almost all of us dream of love, but when we think of it, what do we imagine? The butterflies in the stomach, the slow-dancing in the moonlight, the kiss at the burst of fireworks. We so often think of love synonymously—as an emotion that leaves you powerless to its desires. But a love like this, though perhaps well-fueled by burning passion at first, is ultimately unsustainable. The fire burns out, and we can’t just keep sprinkling fire-starter on the embers when the logs are all gone. I propose a different way to view love: as a choice. Choosing to love someone is so much more powerful and intentional. When we choose to put logs on the fire, we can build a far brighter flame.

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