Track & Field Impress at Heptathlon and Pentathalon

Langston Hood, Senior Sports Writer The NCAC heptathlon and pentathlon took place last weekend, Feb. 18 and 19, and Wooster was able to showcase another incredible performance as Claudia Partridge ’23 emerged victorious in the pentathlon, while Davis Patterson ’24 came in second and Vell Robinson ’25 finished ninth in the heptathlon. These competitions areContinue reading “Track & Field Impress at Heptathlon and Pentathalon”

Scots Fall as They Regroup Ahead of NCAC Tournament

Payton MacLean, Contributing Writer On Saturday, Feb. 18, the Fighting Scots women’s basketball team welcomed the scorching hot DePauw Tigers to Timken Gymnasium for their final game of the 2022-23 season. The Scots aimed to end the Tigers’ impressive 10-game winning streak and secure their first conference victory of the season. DePauw had won allContinue reading “Scots Fall as They Regroup Ahead of NCAC Tournament”

Men’s Basketball Wins on Kurt’s Last-Second Stunner

Eliot Barrengos, Sports Editor The most memorable moments in sports are the ones that make us all collectively gasp. The types of moments that bring strangers, students and alumni together. Moments like these bring us to our feet, we find ourselves hugging people we’ve never known, bonded over the story in front of us. TheContinue reading “Men’s Basketball Wins on Kurt’s Last-Second Stunner”

MSU isn’t just “Unthinkable”

Content Warning: The following viewpoint discusses topics of gun violence and school shootings As a native of East Lansing, Michigan, I was deeply saddened to hear of the shooting at Michigan State University on Feb. 13. The shooting at Michigan State left three students dead and five injured after a gunman walked into Berkey HallContinue reading “MSU isn’t just “Unthinkable””

Submit to The Goliard

ou probably know The Goliard as the club that puts on the popular Covers event at the UG. What about The Goliard Literary Magazine? To me, The Goliard is a significant, tangible snapshot of creativity and community here at the College. There is something special about having a physical takeaway, something you can hold ontoContinue reading “Submit to The Goliard”

I.S. Spotlight: Ash Arons

Environmental Studies Major, Class of 2023 Ash is from Midland, MI where xey grew up hiking in the city’s forests. Xey began research with Dr. Jennifer Ison and Dr. Matthew Mariola as a pollinator garden assistant. Ash spent the next two summers on Wooster’s campus studying bees and insects. Here, xey helped build the collegeContinue reading “I.S. Spotlight: Ash Arons”

The Less You Show Up, The Less We Club

College clubs are known as one of the best ways to make friends, improve communication and project management skills. It is also said that involvement in some clubs can even help students shine their resumes! Currently, there are over a hundred clubs and student organizations at the College. Last week, new executive board members forContinue reading “The Less You Show Up, The Less We Club”

A Warm Winter: Should We Be Concerned?

Zoë Jurkowski, S&E Editor As many students may have noticed, this week’s weather has been strangely warm. With Feb. 15 reaching almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit and Feb. 23 having followed suit, Wooster has had what can be described as a spring-like February. No snow has stuck to the ground recently, and windy, rainy days seemContinue reading “A Warm Winter: Should We Be Concerned?”

Train Derailment in East Palestine Releases Carcinogens into Environment

Izzie Corley, Contributing Writer When a one-and-a-half-mile long train derailed along a stretch of railway in East Palestine, OH, on Feb. 3, at least 50 cars were derailed or damaged. However, the crash itself was not the sole concern of the nearly 5,000 residents of East Palestine. Norfolk Southern, the railroad company responsible for thisContinue reading “Train Derailment in East Palestine Releases Carcinogens into Environment”