The Goliard’s Covers Brings the Party to The Underground

Linat Westreich ’23, singing with the Sexy Villains, engages with the crowd at Party Anthems Covers. Image courtesy of Kaylee Liu ’23.
Haley Huett, A&E Editor

This past Saturday, Jan. 21, the Goliard’s Covers returned to The Underground. The theme, Party Anthems, brought a unique edge to the event. Opening with Lips Inc.’s “Funkytown,” performed by Scots in Harmony and Artemis, the night was off to an energetic start. 

The theme lended itself to an enthusiastic, participatory crowd. A cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies,” performed by The Official Ringo Starr All Starr Live Tribute Party Band, began to draw the crowd out of its shell in earnest, as the audience joined in to sing the chorus. “Tell me lies / Tell me sweet little lies,” they cried as the band began to feed on their energy. 

A Wooster event would not be complete without a comedic performance to lighten the mood. As “Make Out” by The Greeting Committee drew to a close, a new troop filed out onto the stage. The audience was unsure what to expect from the band that called themselves Sam Peppers and the Holden Basement Boyz crowding around a single acoustic guitar. Suddenly, the quartet began a rousing cover of Willie Nelson’s “I’m My Own Grandpa,” with Sam Peppers ’25 leading the group on his instrument.

Next, Tonal Whiplash performed “Teeth” by Cage the Elephant. A rendition performed by students Artemis Swanson ’23 and Shane Byrne ’23, the energetic and bouncy rhythm generated wild, lively dancing in the frontlines of the crowd. Students were headbanging, jumping and having a great time. 

To conclude the night, the Sexy Villains, composed of Linat Westreich ’23, Colin Schrein ’25, Liam Ertsgaard ’24, Daniel Cohen Cobos ’23, and Evan Foster ’24 performed P!nk’s “So What” followed by fun.’s “We Are Young.” Two quintessential party songs, the crowd screamed the lyrics back to Westreich, whose interactions with the crowd brought an added dynamism to the performance. 

Prior to the performance, members of the Sexy Villains had remarked on their desire to see a dancing crowd having fun. At the end of the night, the group certainly accomplished their goal, leaving the crowd sated and ready for the walk home.   

There are plenty of Covers events scheduled for the rest of the semester. Next, Breakup Covers will be held on Valentine’s Day Weekend, Feb. 14, and will provide audiences with a chance to jam to a selection of breakup anthems. For an escape from all the lovey-dovey couples and their merrymaking, make sure to attend!

Following Breakup Covers, there will be two more chances to attend Covers before the year is out. Acoustic Covers will be held on March 4 and Bucketlist Covers on April 15.    

Don’t miss out on this Wooster tradition!  

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