The Goliard’s Covers Brings the Party to The Underground

Haley Huett, A&E Editor This past Saturday, Jan. 21, the Goliard’s Covers returned to The Underground. The theme, Party Anthems, brought a unique edge to the event. Opening with Lips Inc.’s “Funkytown,” performed by Scots in Harmony and Artemis, the night was off to an energetic start.  The theme lended itself to an enthusiastic, participatoryContinue reading “The Goliard’s Covers Brings the Party to The Underground”

The Lunar New Year: Ringing in the Year of the Rabbit

Grace Pryor, Contributing Writer Last Saturday, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) kicked off the Year of the Rabbit in style. Held in Knowlton Commons, the occasion celebrated the Chinese New Year. CSSA collaborated with the College’s Chinese department, the Wooster Mennonite Church and the Wooster Christian Fellowship in hosting the event. Knowlton wasContinue reading “The Lunar New Year: Ringing in the Year of the Rabbit”

“Essential Matter” is the CWAM’s Newest Art Exhibit

Izzie Corely, Contributing Writer This spring, the College of Wooster Art Museum (CWAM) presents the opportunity to view an intriguing new exhibit, entitled “Essential Matter.” Representing a variety of mediums from four different artists, each piece in this collection reflects a specific awareness to the way the materials used to make a work of artContinue reading ““Essential Matter” is the CWAM’s Newest Art Exhibit”

Winter in Wooster: Answering the Hypotheticals No One’s Ever Asked

Caroline Ward, S&E Editor What’s the biggest snowman you could make before the snow collapsed in on itself? Let’s start with a hypothetical. Say you are an undergraduate college student at a generic liberal arts college in the Midwest. And say you are starting to feel a little lonely – it’s okay, we all do.Continue reading “Winter in Wooster: Answering the Hypotheticals No One’s Ever Asked”

An Interview with Wooster’s New Science Librarian, Ian McCullough

Zoë Jurkowski, S&E Editor Ten days ago, Ian McCullough was officially named the College of Wooster’s new science librarian. McCullough’s time at Wooster started in August of 2021, but his expertise spans well beyond his current occupation. Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to interview him about his goals for his new position, advice forContinue reading “An Interview with Wooster’s New Science Librarian, Ian McCullough”

Incoming President Answers Questions from Community

Kaylee Liu, News Editor After the 12th President Sarah Bolton left the College, Wooster has been searching for a new president to take over responsibilities from Interim President Wayne Webster. While searching for a new president, the College prioritized finding someone who would preserve Wooster traditions while strengthening the College financially and operationally through sharedContinue reading “Incoming President Answers Questions from Community”

Women’s Basketball Falls Valiantly Against Denison

Langston Hood, Senior Sports Writer The Fighting Scots women’s basketball team looked to turn their season around in Saturday’s NCAC matchup with the Denison Big Red. With gut-wrenching losses against Kenyon and Hiram over the last 10 days, Wooster had played close games and shown that they could compete. Denison had a similar run ofContinue reading “Women’s Basketball Falls Valiantly Against Denison”

Men’s Basketball Stops DePauw’s Win Streak

Langston Hood, Senior Sports Writer The Fighting Scots’ men’s basketball team welcomed the DePauw Tigers into Timken Gymnasium on Saturday, Jan. 21, for a heated conference battle. The Tigers were navigating the NCAC well, aside from losses at the hands of Wooster in their first meeting and a 10-point defeat from their Tiger counterparts, Wittenberg.Continue reading “Men’s Basketball Stops DePauw’s Win Streak”

Don’t Bury or Burn Me, Plant Me

New York state became the most recent state to legalize human composting. This legislation is rare in a state so founded on tradition and steeped in religion. Some groups have pushed back against this, saying it is disrespectful to the body. However, I find it to be perfectly natural! Why shouldn’t humans be able toContinue reading “Don’t Bury or Burn Me, Plant Me”