A quick guide to the emerging, political solarpunk genre

Jonathan Logan, S&E editor Solarpunk: a genre at the crossroads of it all Science fiction is not just about science. While most of its famous works hinge on one or more advanced technology(ies), the genre is not so much about science as it is about speculating about our current reality and how it might beContinue reading “A quick guide to the emerging, political solarpunk genre”

Showcasing Ta-Irty-Bai: Uncovering Her History at Woo

Tyler Rak ’24, Business Manager The College of Wooster mummy. An elusive figure shrouded in mystery. Some say she roams the steam tunnels at night. Others say that students should rub her toes for good luck. Where, you may ask, has the mummy been all these years? Not roaming the steam tunnels, but rather storedContinue reading “Showcasing Ta-Irty-Bai: Uncovering Her History at Woo”

To Anyone Needing the Reminder: You Are Not Your Friend’s Keeper

There is something so special about friendships. About the intimacy of platonic love. And the extension of someone’s being into your own, into who you are, what you believe in and even the choices that define you. Then there is something so tragic about imagining the loss of all of that. About the fear ofContinue reading To Anyone Needing the Reminder: You Are Not Your Friend’s Keeper

Wooster Students Compete at the ISS-Hosted Mini-World Cup

Thomas Pitney, Sports Editor On Sunday, Nov. 8, Wooster’s International Student Services (ISS) hosted a Mini-World Cup event for students at the Scot Center. Rayan Dos Passos ’25, the main organizer of the event, said that the goal of the Mini-World Cup was to “hold a sports tournament between international and domestic students…[and] to promoteContinue reading “Wooster Students Compete at the ISS-Hosted Mini-World Cup”

Why it’s Not Called a Chicken Pot Cake

Would you rather have a dry ass piece of chalkboard-tasting cake or a moist, succulent and deliciously handcrafted pie? For most culinary experts, this is an easy decision, but, for some reason, cake remains a serious contender for best baked good. In my 20 years of experience in eating desserts, I have never found anythingContinue reading “Why it’s Not Called a Chicken Pot Cake”

Women’s Volleyball Falls to Kenyon in NCAC Playoffs

Langston Hood, Senior Sports Writer The Wooster volleyball team traveled to Wittenberg University on Friday, Nov. 4 to partake in the NCAC tournament against a familiar foe, the Kenyon Owls. Last year, Wooster took part in a historic conference tournament run that lives on in the memory of volleyball fans far and wide, as theyContinue reading “Women’s Volleyball Falls to Kenyon in NCAC Playoffs”

Monthly Campus Climate Report for October Released

The campus climate report reflects real dangers facing students Kaylee Liu, News Editor On Thursday, Nov. 3, the October 2022 campus climate report published by the Title IX Office was released. The campus climate report is a monthly report recording the number of student incidents involving sexual misconduct, bias, alcohol and drug incidents and otherContinue reading “Monthly Campus Climate Report for October Released”

Fall into step at the Fall Dance Concert

Izzie Corley, Contributing Writer College of Wooster students who want a smorgasbord of all that the field of modern dance has to offer should look no further than this year’s Fall Dance Concert. This show will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 17, 18 and 19 at Freedlander Theater. The concert will be directedContinue reading “Fall into step at the Fall Dance Concert”