Just Pee in the Shower!

Geoffrey Allen ’23

It’s time to get the wash in. Whether you need it to refresh your day or you’re on the stinky side from a physical activity, you gotta shower it off! However, you also need to use the bathroom! Thankfully it’s just a no. 1 this time, but isn’t the toilet a bit out of the way from showering? The choice you’ll have to make confuses your actions. Do you sacrifice the spare time you have to shower and hold in the excruciating feeling of acidic pee, or do you use the toilet or urinal (depending on your bathroom preferences) first, which may delay some additional time in getting your hygiene period done and over with? Despite the fact that the latter might sound like a better idea at first glance, I would like to paint you, the reader, a picture. Imagine if you were in a rush and there’s little time to waste. Are you really going to think either option of this binary pathway is the best option? No! And it shouldn’t have to be especially when that middle path is always available: just peeing in the shower.

Now that I’ve painted a picture, let me tell you a story while we’re at it. Last April, I had a debate with some friends on my sports team with a GroupMe poll asking, “Real Talk: Do you pee in the shower?” It’s important to know that yes, I am a person who pees in the shower when I’m by myself. However, I kept the knowledge of this practice a secret, not because one might think it’s too much information to know of, but because I genuinely thought it wasn’t an accepted process amongst my peers. My student athlete peers did not take me seriously since I have historically been the one in that group chat to text a lot of ironic statements for banter, but slowly during the day people got really passionate about it, claiming such a practice is disgusting and others believing it’s just a life hack. Honestly, I was quite surprised that I wasn’t as alone as I thought and I felt some real camaraderie which was very nice to discover about my friends through just a text chat conversation.

At this point it was a stalemate. No one knew who would win this online battle over whether peeing in the shower should be taboo or respected. That was until the stream was reversed on the second day. It wasn’t because someone made a super valid point that changed their minds or anything. Nope, it was just the day that happened to the blow anti-shower peeing out of the ring: Earth Day! Like the day we humans celebrate and partake in conservation efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and use of natural resources which includes, but is not limited to, not wasting electricity, cleaning up litter and reducing the use of water through our sewage and shower systems. And isn’t it a bit coincidental that all of the shower peeing haters neglect this fact when they can’t fathom the idea of peeing as you scrub yourself with soap. So, my side of the peeing of the shower debate won and it’s no longer scrutinized as a personal preference of hygiene amongst my friends.

According to a quick Google search, you’ll find that the average shower uses 17 gallons of water. Yep that’s right, 17! I drink that much after a week for simply existing everyday and we waste 17 gallons daily just to clean ourselves for it? While that can’t be avoided, our use of water can. After all, the soap goes down the same drain! So I implore you not to make life harder than it should be! As long as it’s not a no. 2, of course.

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