I am the Comfort Show

Will Christopher ’25

One of my favorite shows on the planet is “Breaking Bad.” If you haven’t seen this show, I highly recommend watching it, as it is engaging, feels authentic and features some of the greatest acting I have ever experienced. This, however, is not an advertisement for “Breaking Bad,” but rather, an advertisement for simplicity. At this point in my life, I have watched “Breaking Bad” about three times, and have viewed most of its content online as well. This level of familiarity normally compels people to say to themselves that they need to branch out or find something new. This is a fair take, but it is also fair sometimes to stay in your comfort zone when it comes to something that you enjoy. 

This goes without saying, but everyone at this school is pretty consistently under varying amounts of pressure. Sometimes, taking a TV show that you love and watching it a bit can alleviate some of the stress because this is a simple activity. Another example of this concept, from my life, is writing this Viewpoint. Writing this is a pretty simple, low-stakes assignment, and it’s something that lets me breathe, and momentarily guides my focus toward something else that I am comfortable doing. “Breaking Bad,” however, does this the best for me. There’s something very nice about coming home from the library and sitting down to some TV after a long night of work. This doesn’t work as well for me when it’s a new show or something I’ve never seen before, because I’ll often find myself overthinking it or trying hard to understand it. Overall, TV is just a great way, in general, to enjoy what’s easy about life and take your mind off of things that are troublesome. 

Simplicity can also be applied outside of television. While my favorite way to decompress is to watch a bit of “Breaking Bad,” another great way to focus on nothing is to go outside late at night after everything is done and enjoy the silence. At this point in the year, it’s starting to be a bit cold for that, but sometimes there is nothing better than being outside after the world has gone to bed and doing nothing. When I do this, it is a lot easier to sleep at night and makes the day feel more meaningful. Through “Breaking Bad,” and focusing on nothing

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