“Women Who Rock:” Covers returns to Wooster’s Underground

From right to left: Alex Galbraith ‘25, Colin Schrein ‘25, Jen Mynard ‘23 and Gabby Gajdos ‘23 perform “The Way I Loved You” (Photo courtesy of Haley Huett)
Haley Huett, A&E Editor

Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.” sounded across the Underground and the mellow and sweet notes of the violin rendition carried across the sizable crowd that had already formed. Students began rushing to the stage, hooting and hollering in support of their friends. The first Covers of the year had begun. 

Covers is an event hosted multiple times throughout the year by The Goliard, a student organization at the College, that is dedicated to “provid[ing] a structure for the creative forces at the College.” Giving student bands and musicians the opportunity to showcase their talents to enthusiastic and adoring fans, The Goliard’s Covers is a beloved event on Wooster’s campus.

This past Saturday, Sept. 30, The Goliard presented “Women Who Rock,” dedicated to women musicians. Throughout the night, audiences heard performances of “Linger” by The Cranberries, “Night Shift” by Lucy Dacus and “The Way I Loved You” by Taylor Swift. With 14 performances that night, there was something for everyone to enjoy. 

As the night wore on, the crowd began to swell and hum with excitement. More and more students arrived to cheer on their friends and peers, creating a unique feeling in the Underground. Liam Ertsgaard ’24, who would later perform Miley Cyrus’ cover of “Heart of Glass” and The Pretty Reckless’ “My Medicine,” told the Voice that “the energy [was] so insane.” Hannah Baker ’23, an audience member, said “there’s a lot of energy… there’s a lot of everything here.” Headbanging as Tonal Whiplash played or swaying to a more mellow beat, Covers was “popping.” 

Gabby Gajdos ’23, Vice President of The Goliard, said that “performing was great,” continuing with, “Covers is one of my favorite events to put on and perform.” Gajdos, covered “The Way I Loved You” alongside Jen Mynard ’23, Alex Galbraith ’24 and Colin Schrein ’25. The crowd received them warmly, belting out Swift’s lyrics with Mynard or dancing to the music. The students at Covers were enthusiastic in their participation with the performers. Astrid Freichs ’25, who performed “Night Shift,” another crowd favorite, described the night as, “magical…with the sparkle emojis around it.”

The next Covers will be hosted on Oct. 21, and, according to Baker, “the Halloween one is the most fun.” The Halloween themed covers will also be held at the Underground, which is located beneath Kittredge Dining Hall. Students must be over the age of 18 and present their College of Wooster ID and a valid state ID to enter. 

Don’t miss out on this Wooster tradition! Come to the Underground for Halloween Covers, dressed up and ready to dance.

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