Scotlight: EB Fluharty

Emilie Eustace ’24 sits down with EB Fluharty ’24 to discuss Wooster Activities Crew (WAC), The POT and life inside and outside of Wooster!

Introduce yourself! 

Hi! My name is EB Fluharty. I am a communications major on the Entrepreneurship Pathway. I use she/her pronouns. I am from Cleveland, OH. 

I know you are super involved on campus! What all do you do?

I am a part of Wooster Activities Crew (WAC) where I serve as the Director of Marketing. I have been a member of WAC since the beginning of my sophomore year, so this is my second year in it. I am also a marketing intern for the Office of Student Engagement, where I have worked for two semesters. I am also a peer health educator for the Longbrake Student Wellness Center. I was the rush chair for Delta Theta Psi during this past rush season, and am also one of the academic chairs. 

Tell me about The POT!

I do not even know where to begin when discussing The POT. I work on The POT as a part of my marketing internship. I have been really trying to find ways to take the actual POT out of the printed paper and make it more interactive on campus. Last week, I hung up posters around campus that had motivational sayings on them that matched The POT theme. I also have some really cool plans for The POT that is coming out on Halloween that will be incorporated onto campus, but I will keep that a surprise (hint: keep a lookout for red balloons!). I am trying to find more creative ways to make the paper booklet come to life. I am also just really happy that it is not virtual anymore because when I am passing it out, I get to hear a lot of excitement from students. Sometimes I work on it a lot later than I probably should (sorry to my bosses for my 3 a.m. submissions), but seeing students enjoy The POT makes it all worth it.  

What advice would you give to new students? 

I have lots of advice to give to new students. I was not really involved in much my first year on campus and now do a little bit of everything. My largest suggestion is to just join clubs that do a large amount of things and be willing to put yourself out there. When I joined WAC, I did not know much about the club and the things that they do, but knew that they helped plan lots of different events on campus. Once I joined, I found a sense of community that has led to many more opportunities, including getting my position as a marketing intern. Always try out new things, even if you are unsure about them, because you never know what they will lead to!

What do you do off-campus?

Work! My main job at home is to work in event production and planning through a company called Raise the Roof Entertainment. I worked with them through the summer and still help out virtually. I run all of their social media accounts and work a lot with the production planning of their events. We talk about the customer’s event and get it ready for execution. I help with the setup of events, help keep the event running smoothly the entire time and then help with the tear-down process. I started this job last summer, so I have been there for about a year and a half which is insane to think about! Other than that, I also love hanging out with my dog, Finn. He’s a sweetie. 

Anything you want to plug?

I make The POT every Monday so be sure to look out for that. The POT also comes out on Thursdays so read that too! WAC has a Fall Fest coming up after fall break which I am also super excited for, so look for more details to come about that.

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