Activism, then what?

Elizabeth Hall, Contributing Writer

In the United States Constitution, the Founding Fathers gave citizens the right to assemble a peaceful protest and the right to vote elected officials out of office if they no longer represent their congressional districts. These rights are very pertinent to what has been happening in the news recently. Over the summer, I had a great opportunity to live, learn and intern in Washington, DC. I was able to observe the reaction to the overturn of Roe v. Wade. It was interesting to see how many protesters were out there and the dwindling number of them from week to week. After talking with several protesters, I realized that most people don’t know about the right to a recall at any time and thought that this was their civic duty – I agree, but I want them to do more. This shocked me and I thought it would be best to tell the students, staff and faculty of The College of Wooster community about their civic rights and duties for when the government is not acting in their favor. In this upcoming election on Nov. 8, VOTE!!! I don’t necessarily care which way you lean as long as you do your civic duty and vote for the people who best represent you and your opinions. Most people just see the Rs and Ds by the name and vote that way, yet don’t do the research to know what they are voting for.

The College Democrats do a great job at using this opportunity to send letters to the targeted audience of congress(wo)men who need to up their game. On Oct. 25, College Dems and College Republicans are having a conjoined meeting and opening it up to whoever wants to learn about who is on the ballot and what they run for. This event will not be supporting one side or the other, but will inform voters about whom they are voting for in Wayne County.

One of the comments I hear all the time when talking to someone about politics is “leave it to the old white guys to ruin this country.” In reality, young people are still voting these people in because of their own laziness and lack of research. If you want these people to get out of office, then do the research and learn about others who are running in your district.

It was great to see protesters congregating at the Kauke Arch and to see them protesting for better respect for women’s health and reproductive rights. Activism is great, yet it is just the start and is not a “one and done” sort of event. Write letters to government officials and NGOs for help and bring awareness to the issue.

Sadly, the overturn of Roe v. Wade has lost momentum in the media. Writing to gain support, however, may bring back the narrative of the need for these rights.

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