Free and Open Conversations are Good

   Let’s face it, there are a lot of problems in modern society: from inflation, climate change, abortion, to the ever increasing cost of healthcare, housing and college to a dozen other issues that I could fill the entire paper just talking about. We want to solve these issues (well most of them); however,  we disagreeContinue reading “Free and Open Conversations are Good”

Football Dominates in All Phases Against Hilbert

Miles Rochester, Sports Editor Wooster’s football team put on a clinic this past weekend at John P. Papp Stadium where they took on the Hilbert College Hawks, a flock who has been unable to record a single win this season. Wooster’s win also came well-timed with their senior day celebration, which commemorated 24 seniors whoContinue reading “Football Dominates in All Phases Against Hilbert”

It’s Time to Work on Your FASFA Again!

Although this academic year seems to have just begun, it is not too early to start thinking about financial aid for the 2023-2024 school year. Financial aid is any funding offered to eligible students to assist in covering the cost of attending college. This aid can come in different forms, including grants, scholarships, work-study jobsContinue reading “It’s Time to Work on Your FASFA Again!”

Volleyball Heats Up at Emory Classic Invitational

Langston Hood, Senior Sports Writer The Wooster volleyball team took a much-needed vacation from the hallowed corn fields of Ohio to venture all the way to Atlanta, Georgia for a four-team tournament hosted by nationally-ranked Emory University. Wooster met Averett University of Virginia, St. Mary’s College of Indiana and Emory over the course of theContinue reading “Volleyball Heats Up at Emory Classic Invitational”

Tie against Wittenberg Leaves Scot’s Playoff Chances in Limbo

Eliot Barrengos, Contributing Writer The Fighting Scots women’s soccer team traveled to Springfield, Ohio last Saturday, Oct. 22 to battle the Wittenberg Tigers. Saturday marked a rematch of last year’s North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC) Championship Game, in which the Scots fell to the Tigers 3-2. With the Scots eager to avenge the loss fromContinue reading “Tie against Wittenberg Leaves Scot’s Playoff Chances in Limbo”

Students raise issues at Board of Trustees meeting

On Thursday, Oct. 19, students met with representatives from the College Board of Trustees’ “Missions and Outcomes” Committee to discuss a wide range of issues across campus. “We really have a unique opportunity as College of Wooster students  to speak with the Board of Trustees,” said Noah Golovan ’23, President of Scot Council. “The roleContinue reading “Students raise issues at Board of Trustees meeting”

“Can I speak to the MGMT?” A 15th anniversary celebration

Zach Napora, Contributing Writer This October, indie-pop band MGMT celebrated the 15th anniversary of their debut album “Oracular Spectacular.” MGMT began as a dorm room experiment between two friends, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden, at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Their early work was heavily influenced by noise rock and electronica, which can be heard onContinue reading ““Can I speak to the MGMT?” A 15th anniversary celebration”

Midterms walk-to-vote event supports local elections

Alex Nathanson, Contributing Writer In a country where decades of judicial precedent can be seemingly overruled in one night and a group of so-called “voting officials” can overrule the popular vote, it can be difficult to feel that our democratic system works at all. Considering this trepidation, why are the 2022 midterm elections projected toContinue reading “Midterms walk-to-vote event supports local elections”