Expanding the Genre: How One Show is Changing Science-Fiction

Orion Bress, Contributing Writer With “House of Dragon” returning us to Westeros and “The Rings of Power” returning us to Middle Earth, I believe now is a perfect time for us to revisit the lesser-known world of “The Expanse.” Based on the book series by the same name written by James S.A. Cory, a pseudonymContinue reading “Expanding the Genre: How One Show is Changing Science-Fiction”

New year, same problem: Dining and libraries adjust to staff shortages

Departments hit by staffing shortages, leading to cuts in operation hours Samuel Boudreau Editor in Chief After an eventful 2021-22 academic year that saw increased entry-level hourly wages, calls for student and faculty dining staff volunteers, partnerships with multiple local food businesses and a contentious decision to outsource dining services to Creative Dining Services (CDS),Continue reading “New year, same problem: Dining and libraries adjust to staff shortages”

A Suggestion: Don’t be Afraid to Try Some Lo-fi

Jack Freer, Contributing Writer The simple title of this article likely triggered a recollection for many of you. The famous YouTube thumbnail, a seemingly eternal livestream of a girl writing in front of a window with headphones: the lo-fi girl – a fundamental fixture of YouTube. You may even tune in occasionally – many bobContinue reading “A Suggestion: Don’t be Afraid to Try Some Lo-fi”

Administration and Board of Trustees must respond to bat infestations

Samuel Boudreau, Editor in Chief My goal in this short speech is for Scot Council to formally request an explanation from the College’s administration and board of trustees regarding the prioritization of Holden Hall and any future plans regarding Compton, Wagner, Bissman and Douglas Hall in the College’s 2020 campus master plan. Additionally, I believeContinue reading “Administration and Board of Trustees must respond to bat infestations”

As Tough for the Platonic as it is for the Romantic

Geoffrey Allen, Viewpoints Editor A couple days ago, I walked through the library trying to find my carrel for the first time (I know, I’m so late to the party as a senior). Just as I catch one of my close friends doing her work, I see another carrel, an empty one. This carrel, withContinue reading “As Tough for the Platonic as it is for the Romantic”

“I Don’t Mind My Own Business”

Aaron Huq, Contributing Writer Invasion of privacy- first thing that comes to my mind is someone trying to gain more information than needed for them to know. They might use it against us, or gaslight- valid reasons for which we shield our vulnerabilities, things that other people should not know. But then, some people areContinue reading ““I Don’t Mind My Own Business””

Scots Cross Country Impresses at All-Ohio Championships

Eliot Barrengos, Contributing Writer The Wooster Scots men’s and women’s cross country teams raced last Friday, Sept. 16 at the All-Ohio championships meet at Cedarville College. The race took place under the lights with a start time of 8:00 p.m. The men’s team ran an 8k championship course, finishing 10th among 13 Division III programs,Continue reading “Scots Cross Country Impresses at All-Ohio Championships”

Women’s Soccer Prevails in Close Contest with Westminster

Matthew McMorrough, Contributing Writer Our Fighting Scots women’s soccer team, following a close midweek home loss against Westminster just days before, took the pitch on Saturday, Sept. 17 against the Wilmington Quakers. The Scots bounced back, defeating Westminster 3-2 on their own turf and improving their record to 3-2-2. Sophomores led the way in thisContinue reading “Women’s Soccer Prevails in Close Contest with Westminster”

Bats head indoors as Ohio climate turns cold and hibernation begins

Caroline Ward, Science Editor At this point, most College of Wooster students have heard about, seen or perhaps even been bitten by a bat living in the bathroom or stairwell of their residence hall. The average student may wonder how and why these airborne mammals are finding their way in–after all, who would ever willinglyContinue reading “Bats head indoors as Ohio climate turns cold and hibernation begins”

Field Hockey Falls to Denison in first meeting

Langston Hood, Senior Sports Writer Spirits were high as the Wooster field hockey team kicked off an action-packed day on the turf with a matchup against the Denison College Big Red at John P. Papp Stadium. Swaths of alumni, young and old, propelled the Fighting Scots through a highly contentious meeting with the Big Red.Continue reading “Field Hockey Falls to Denison in first meeting”