Starry, Starry Night


Karmellah Buttler (

night sky

Cody Clark (

I used to mix up my t’s and my c’s
scars in the sky, stars on my chest and my thighs like a celestial game of connect the dots

I feel the stars of everywhere i’ve been hit, cut my wounds like a kaleidoscope
I’m so ill, but i’m pretty

I see the scars that tore open the sky
scars that hold the secrets that i’ve only told my body in the mirror shaking as we sew ourselves together, together

Dr. Nieberding (

Moony night

Matthew McMorrough (

A sunny day
Where hunger swallows Patience sours
From arduous hours
Spent just looking out at plains

A night sleepless Each the same

Nothing ruminations Lead to nowhere save for rain

Reddened eyes dilate
The memories stare back Untouchable, flawless
So I just cough and spit and hack and wake unrested

The sunset looks of candy, sweetly unsparing
Doze away now with oughtness, saccharine, thoughtless

As Above, So Below

Gianna Hayes (

Beneath the stars we all became friends
Celestial bodies watched over us,
Blessing our midnight picnic
Some of us friends, some of us more
Stars clustered, dodging clouds and cold night sky,
huddled together, their brightness bouncing off each other We stared through this mirror, letting it stare right back into us Sharing our music and favorite words,

We made our own constellation
They say the stars we see from earth are really from the past, thousands of years before us Perhaps we’re the same, for friendships with such stellar people never felt so natural.

Photo of the Carina Nebula Taken by the James Webb Telescope

Photo courtesy of

Wooster alum, Kirsten Larson ’08 works on the telescope!

Want to learn more about the night sky and the telescope? Check out the Science section next week to learn more!

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