Campus Safety Cracks Down on Parking Locations

Courtesy: Getty Images
Ethan Sieber
News Editor

During the weekend of Sept. 24, many students at Tthe College of Wooster were greeted with the unpleasant sight of parking tickets issued to their cars. The majority of these tickets were issued to cars parked in the South parking lots. The issuance of these tickets comes in the wake of Campus SafetySecurity receiving numerous complaints about parking in these lots and choosing to thoroughly review them. Parking on campus has been an ongoing issue amongst both the staff and student bodies, with difficulty finding a parking space being a prominent concern. 

Joe Kirk, the Director of Campus Safety, noted in an email that issuing so many tickets highlighted the need for students to be reminded of the current parking policies on campus to avoid similar incidents in the future. An update to parking came in the form of the lots behind Lowry Center and Brush Hall (numbered as Llots 24 and 29) becoming staff parking only to accommodate the additional staff in Lowry Center. Tickets issued during the weekend of Sept. 24 to students with South parking permits were described by Kirk as “a one-time only warning” and that students “will not have to pay for those tickets.” However, students without a parking permit or who were parked in a South lot with a North parking permit will be expected to pay the tickets issued out to them. 

Additionally, Kirk’s email noted that students with valid parking permits would be allowed to park in the staff lot during the weekend provided that the vehicle is moved from the lot by 6 a.m. on Monday. The South parking lots include Lot 20 located on College Ave., Lot 23 located near Westminster Cottage, Lot 25 located near Colonial House, Lot 26 located near Luce Hall, Lot 28 by Papp Stadium, Lot 36 located near small house off Spink St., Lot 38 located near Alley House, Lot 40 located behind Kieffer House and Lot 41 located behind Richardson House. Any students with further questions about parking on campus should reach out to Joe Kirk.

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