Six cars vandalized on campus in two-day span

Samuel Boudreau, Editor in Chief

If you have a car on campus, make sure to lock your doors. From Sept. 12 to Sept. 13, campus safety received six incident reports of items taken from unlocked cars, broken car windows and “unlocked cars rummaged through [but] nothing taken,” according to Campus Safety. “It is unclear if the car with the broken window is related or not since no other car had a broken  window(s),” said Joe Kirk, Director of Campus Safety. The incidents took place on Sept. 11 after 9 p.m. and Sept. 12 before 7 a.m. The stolen item incidents occured in the staff parking lot behind the student center (Lot 29) and the Andrews Hall (13) parking lots. The broken car window and a “rummaged” car incident also took place in the student center parking lot, as two “rummaged” car incidents took place in Bornhuetter Hall (Lot 42) and Andrews Hall (Lot 13). Regarding the broken-into cars, Kirk said that “It appears that the person was moving around the campus and rummaging through unlocked cars looking for money.” 

At Scot Council’s General Assembly meeting, Alexis Neal ’26 raised the concern that at least four cars have been broken into this semester and wishes to know what happens after students report these incidents to Campus Safety. “My car was actually broken into,” said Neal at the meeting. 

Kirk said that Campus Safety is in communication with the Wooster Police Department regarding the incidents and received a picture from a student of a community member in one of the College’s lots. “At this point,” said Kirk, “[the picture] is the only lead we have; these are all still open cases and as we look into it we hope more will develop.”  

“We are recommending that everyone make certain to lock their car doors and any valuables should be locked in the trunk if they must be in the car,” said Kirk. 

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