Here comes the sun(flower): students share their artistic perspectives on Wooster’s feline mascot

Organized by Ellen McAllister, Creative Editor
Painting by Evelyn McCain ’25
“A Sunflower in the breeze”
Sam Solowiej ’25

A sunflower in the breeze

Oh what joy a plant can bring

Through pollen and beauty the world sees

But our Sunflower has a distinctive ring

You hear not a ruffle but bells in the breeze

She scampers around like you and I

Getting attention and drawing an eye

For our sunflower purrs and licks 

Much more than any flowers or sticks

Photo by Hannah Ollech ’24

Slowly she strolls through the sunlit grove…”

Anna Puster ’25

Slowly she strolls through the sunlit grove

Under bushes and flowers and trees interwove

Never tires of meeting a friend, old and new

Following them home with a gentle “mew”

Loves to bask in the sun, her coat shining bright

Our colors upon it, black, gold and white

With a gentle ‘mew’, or a rumbling purr

Everyone she encounters adores her for sure

Radiant Sunflower, the heart of Wooster

-Anna Puster apuster25@mrochester25

Photo Courtesy: “Kitties of Wooster”

“A Sonnet for Sunflower”

Ursula Williams ’24, Contributing Writer

O’er verdant fields with white paws she lopes on                              

The clover and the crabgrass kiss her knees.                         

For one moment, she’s there and then she’s gone

To run off, chasing swift squirrels through the trees.

Her eyes of glass and velvet nose do warm

The hearts of all the sad and all the tired.       

She takes her special place outside the dorm

Where she will find herself so admired.         

She trots over the lady bugs and leaves          

And finds a shaded bench to lie upon.                        

She curls up in my warm wool sweater sleeves

And out she breathes a gentle, smiling yawn. 

She sings to me in her soft dulcet meows

And holding her, ev’rything’s fine for now.

Art by Jay Daigle ’23

sunflower haiku

Emma Downing ’24

          gold, black, and white fur

stalking chipmunks through the brush 

               look! it’s sunflower!

Photo by Jessica Israel ’24

“She stalks across Campus”

Grace Pryor ’26

She stalks across campus

Under the arch, 

Next to Andrews (why is it always Andrews?),

Faithfully followed by her adoring fans. 

Languidly, she stretches. 

Out come the phone cameras. She will not deign to pose for a picture, but

We make do nevertheless.

Everyone knows – she is our

Real mascot.

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