Florida Man or Swag Like Ohio?

Naomi Zahid, Contributing Writer
Naomi Zahid, Contributing Writer

Picture this: raining almost everyday and mosquitoes everywhere, then suddenly, it’s 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside. That is a typical day in Florida. Even though I have only been here in Ohio for about three weeks now, I have grown a bit accustomed to what it is like to be somewhere where the weather forecast is not a guessing game. Being here in Wooster has been a bit of a culture shock, having seen so little and yet so much.

As a freshman from the class of 2026, my move-in was smooth, but it’s been hard to find things that feel like home. Compared to Miami, I can’t find a lot of things that I am used to seeing near me. At home, I was surrounded by many different restaurants that could provide me with a taste of exquisite cultural foods, from Ethiopian curry platters with injera to Mexican food trucks with homemade tacos. I miss my mom’s cooking, especially her pho and her beef curry. Lowry can’t compare to the food options I had at home, too; although some of those food options are just so good, especially the chicken noodle soup. 

The fields of corn remind me of the many farms I would pass on my way to school in South Miami, yet they’re so different because Florida doesn’t have hills. Even the parties are different, and no one can throw a party like a Miami party. The scenery has been amazing, and I am so happy that I can wear a hoodie comfortably, yet I still miss being able to smell the rain and humidity of the Florida air.

Something I wasn’t really expecting to see here in Wooster was a live drug deal. Now hear me out, I was simply downtown with my friends, and we drove past a random guy doing a drug deal at a corner. I was so astonished. I always thought that that would only happen in movies. However, I’ve probably seen it happen in Miami as well. 

Contrary to the goofy memes of Florida and Ohio, both places are so beautiful in their own respects, especially the nature that surrounds both cities. One aspect of Ohio that I don’t really get in Florida is being able to see the night sky. It’s hard to see it back home, and it’s only slight stars if at all. Here, I get to enjoy late night walks with my friends and being able to see the sky when it’s super dark out. Yet, I miss understanding the whole context when I see a daily “Only in Dade” post on my Instagram feed. 

One bad thing that I’ve noticed is that, because we are all in proximity with each other, we can all get sick easily. Especially with COVID still around, all my friends have gotten it and are quarantining themselves right now. I’ve been trying my best to not get it by always wearing a mask, even in my own dorm room, which really makes me miss having my own space. I miss having my shower, and I miss my dogs. It’s even hard doing a long-distance relationship. But I am trying my best to make the most of it here. Moral of the story is, there’s no better state because both are great in their own ways. Ohio has snow and Florida has heat. But I’ll enjoy my stay anyway.

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