Scot Spirit Day Showcases the Campus Community

Emilie Eustace – Features Editor

On Friday, Sept. 2, the Oak Grove was roaring with energy as Scot Spirit Day was held
for the 2022-23 school year. Student leaders showcased over 120 organizations at the event through various displays, active member discussion, flyers, enticing handouts and performances in hopes to inform and recruit potential new members. As this is the one event on campus that allows all organizations to gather together at once, Scot Spirit Day continues to prove the strength of the college community. Featured organizations were asked what their goals were for the upcoming year, both internally and externally. Here were there responses:

Douglas Richardson ’23, President of Xi Chi Psi: “Our goal as a group is to build a bigger community internally and externally in our fraternity. We are really planning to implement more DEI trainings, sexual safety trainings and party safety into our activities this year as well. We are working on getting our numbers up because COVID really shrunk the size of our group. We are all kind of stepping out of our boxes, in a way, for rush this year because it is the first one with some normalcy back, so we are just really excited to grow this year!”

Veda Massanari-Thatcher ’23, President, and Emily Hasecke ’23, Secretary, of the Sexual Respect Coalition: “Our biggest goal this year is to build an inclusive and safe community for everyone on campus. We would also like to collaborate with other clubs to fully serve the campus community through increasing sexual safety and comfort at Wooster.” Isabel Manche ’23, President of Neuroscience Club: “As with many other academic clubs, we are still rebounding from COVID and getting back to our pre-2020 activities, so we would like to start a lot of those back up. There seems to have been a lot of interest in Neuroscience Club at Scot Spirit Day, so I look forward to a much more active year.” Yatzari Venzor ’23, President, and Sammie Burke ’23, Vice-President, of the National
Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association: “As a group, we hope to make our major and organization more well known on campus. We are one of the few STEM majors that are not in Williams, creating a break in the STEM community on campus. Although we are still in Wishart, we hope to become more widely known on campus.”

Mae Kroger ’24, Vice-President of Knot Another Fiber Arts Society: “We really like to just
get together as a community to learn how to be creative and procrastinate our other work a little bit. We have fun and productively procrastinate through knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, embroidering and anything you can think of in the fiber arts world.”
Claire Berlin ’23, member of the Greenhouse Club: “We are looking to be actively involved
in promoting sustainability on campus, educate the campus on how to recycle properly and get back into our club activities that we had to stop due to COVID.”
EB Fluharty ’24, Social Media Manager of Wooster Activities Crew (WAC): “This year
WAC hopes to put on a large variety of events for all students to enjoy! We want to increase our membership this year, so we can put on more fun events and grow as a team. WAC is also collaborating with a few other student orgs and is very excited for these upcoming events .” Angelina Bolivar ’24, member of COWBelles: “Performing at Scot Spirit Day has made me so excited for the rest of our events and performances that will be held throughout the year. We had a large turnout for auditions, and I think that we have built a really strong group this year. As a treble group that is incredibly inclusive to all members, I have a feeling that our goal of growing close with one another will be easily accomplished this year.” It is apparent that many groups on campus are excited to navigate the upcoming year, having the most normalcy since the beginning of the pandemic, and have many goals set for their members and the campus as a whole. If you did not have the chance to stop by Scot Spirit Day and would like to look into all of the organizations represented on campus, check out

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